Biz Opportunity & Essential Oils


~ Sisterhood ~ Connection ~ Collaborative Business ~ Freedom ~ Abundance ~ Vitality ~


I get it, you’re ready for:

  • More freedom and flexibility in your life
  • Location Freedom
  • Financial Empowerment & Freedom
  • Health, Wellness & Vitality like never before
  • Less chemicals, toxins and synthetic products in your home and in your body
  • Safe, natural  and effective health remedies and solutions at your finger tips
  • Deep connection, community and sisterhood
  • To feel more alive and connected

No matter your age, location, family status or past; this is all about growth, personal development, leadership and community! We’re all in this together: one big family.

Join The LOVE Tribe:

There is nothing I love more than to see people succeed, thrive and flourish in all areas of their lives. It lights me up like nothing else. That is why I am so grateful to be building an international (yep, it doesn’t matter where you live) community of like-minded souls who support each other and continue to create a life they truly and deeply desire.

Although I was intuitively drawn to this company because I love essential oils and I was looking for a way to financially contribute to my family with a 4 month old baby girl at home, it wasn’t until I had a very quick and powerful experience using the oils to clear up my adult acne that I was ALL IN.  Ever since, I have witnessed so many other beautiful  and powerful results that my friends, family and customers have experienced using these oils as natural health solutions in their lives too.

As part of our team, you receive 1:1 mentoring and support with our 1:1 mentoring program, weekly group calls, private Facebook support groups and access to powerful straining from other leaders and mentors in the company.

Are you ready to be HAPPY, HEALTHY & ABUNDANT?

I am looking for heart-centered, open-minded, driven and curious people (women and men) to join our LOVE tribe. I would love to connect with you and chat about the oils and business, so click here to schedule a call with me today. I am here to help, so ask away!

FYI – it took me 2 months before I scheduled a call with my mentor so I totally get it.

I want you to know its totally ok if you have doubts, fears and reservations. I certainly did! Although I felt intuitively drawn to this business opportunity for a while, I still resisted reaching out to my mentor. Until one day, I decided to be open about it and learn more about what is involved. I am so glad I did (and yes, I wish I got started earlier!).

There have been so many beautiful flow on effects from this one decision I made. My family and I are now living a much less toxic life, with natural personal and home health remedies at our fingertips. I love that I have natural products to clean our home with, to have on hand for my daughter and natural beauty products for myself too! I also light up every time I see other people use these oils and benefit tremendously from them. More than anything, I ABSOLUTELY love seeing my team step out of their comfort zones, grow, expand and THRIVE as they build their own businesses along side me; all creating a more abundant financial experience for themselves and their families.

This business opportunity is so much more than just the oils (and yes they are amazing), its about; community, connection, growth, collaboration, personal and spiritual development.

You don’t have to be interested in the business opportunity to benefit from these amazing oils…

Jump on a call with me and I am happy to offer you a FREE wellness consult to see how you can use these oils for your current health challenges. There is no pressure to buy, no lock in contract, no minimum orders or monthly orders. Let’s chat and connect.


WHY these oils?

In order to stand behind a product I love, I also needed to love the company and the way in which they produce their product from seed to home.

To find out more about this fantastic, holistic and socially conscious company click here

My fav things about this particular company are:

– They source their oils from locations all around the world where the plants grow naturally (native and indigenous).  Therefore, climate, harvesting process and time of year, soil quality and community are also taken into account in order to produce the best quality oils

dation, helps to support local farmers and workers in 3rd world countries…building water walls, supplying medical and educational resources and fair pay standards. HELL YES to this! I am very proud to stand behind this company.

I am interested, but I am so not so sure about network marketing…

Again, I was the same. However, since joining this company my entire perception has changed.

Network marketing has been given a bad wrap for so many reasons and I totally agree with most of them. Feeling tricked or pressured to buy or sign up, annoying your friends/family to support your business, no thank you!

As with anything, it is all about intention. This is all about collaborative business, heart and a whole lot of soul.

When you dig a lil deeper, its actually all about connection. Connecting with yourself, with others and with your true desires. We are all craving and yearning for more connection, meaning and freedom in our lives and in essence, that is what network marketing has to offer us.

We are not in the business of selling oils, we are in the biz of personal and spiritual development and growth. Of leadership, community and relationships. Of limitless potential and freedom.

Even so, I also believe it is essential to be aligned with the product you are sharing with others.

The true intention of this business model is to share a product you love from a company you stand behind, while being financially compensated for your efforts and then helping other people do the same for themselves.  The beautiful thing about this is that the ripple effect is limitless.


Here is a glimpse at the Compensation Plan:


Interested in finding out more? Schedule a call with me today and let’s chat and connect.

With love,