Coming home to you

Where do you feel most at home with yourself? What are you doing that feels so true for you? What are you doing when you feel as light as a feather? I know for me, I left behind a life that was shaping out to be one I 'thought' I should live. I knew it … Continue reading Coming home to you

The quality of your time

How you choose to ‘spend’ your time is ultimately creating the quality of your life. Business, relationships, your home, health, finances and your lifestyle all reflect the 'quality' of resources (time, money, energy, attention) you put into them. Sounds basic and simple perhaps…but have you ever really taken a closer look at what, where and … Continue reading The quality of your time

My heart is cracking open

My heart is cracking open, My soul soaring new heights. I feel so bare, so alive. So raw, so exposed, so fragile yet so strong. The depths of my truth are unraveling moment by moment. Places I’ve been shining the light on are so deep, so real, such truth lies there; such heartbreak at risk. … Continue reading My heart is cracking open