Coming home to you

Where do you feel most at home with yourself? What are you doing that feels so true for you? What are you doing when you feel as light as a feather? I know for me, I left behind a life that was shaping out to be one I 'thought' I should live. I knew it … Continue reading Coming home to you

Cut the crap & Decide.

*Head's up; this is a long post but definitely a juicy one!!! I had a moment this week when things shifted. It felt like as soon as I decided, that was it. It was already a done deal. No ifs, buts...just a wholehearted decision to claim what I feel is true for me and let … Continue reading Cut the crap & Decide.

Embracing the Unknown

Walking into the unknown is like creating a piece of can be inspiring, moving, frustrating, scary, passionate, thrilling, creative, and requires a whole lot of heart. Why? Because starting a new path, a new chapter is not always easy. Walking into the unknown is like walking into a dark corridor, relying solely on the … Continue reading Embracing the Unknown