What do you DESIRE?

Do you ever get really honest with yourself about what you deeply, truly, wholeheartedly desire? Not the...'this will do' list. Not settling for less than you deserve. I'm talking about the real deal. Tuning into your inner voice and allowing yourself to honour those things in life that are calling you to experience, express and … Continue reading What do you DESIRE?

What is your body telling you?

How often do you tune in and listen to your body? I know I am my best self when I feel light, energetic, open and inspired. I know I am off course when I feel heavy, lethargic, closed and depleted. I learnt many years ago through my spiritual teachers and mentors and also through my … Continue reading What is your body telling you?

How I got my groove back

Hello hello, It has been a few weeks since I last posted a blog and I have missed sharing and connecting with you all. But I also have taken a much needed break away from my blog. Here is a quick snapshot of what my weeks have been like: -Feeling lost, confused, full of doubt … Continue reading How I got my groove back