Where are you?

I ask this because you may be so use to living your life based on the perceptions of your past or the projections of the future. Are you here? I mean fully here with your breath? Soaking in this moment and these words -how they make you feel, or what they mean for you? OR … Continue reading Where are you?

You gotta REALLY want it

Words alone will fail you You can say it all you want but words without action and growth will only ever be lost dreams. The real deal Dreams require an inner mindset and energetic alignment along with action in your external world. The bridge between all your ‘wanting’ and your actual ‘living’. ACTION is the … Continue reading You gotta REALLY want it

Following the path of Inspiration

Have you ever taken a closer look at What and Who inspires you? When we are inspired we are naturally aligned with our true selves. We are 'in spirit': aligned and in a state of love, oneness, creativity and abundance. Hence, if you want to create a life you love, start following the path that … Continue reading Following the path of Inspiration