10 Tips to living a more Abundant Life

I often dive deep into this topic with my mentoring clients but today I felt a pull to share with you my top 10 insights into living a more abundant life. Transforming my money mindset has been a journey for many years now, ever evolving and deepening. So here are 10 tips that have helped … Continue reading 10 Tips to living a more Abundant Life

What do you value?

Something totally dropped in for me recently. I love earning and spending money on things I most value. My lifestyle, relationship, health, and family are my top values...I love living where I live, I love having the freedom to do what I love when I want to, I love to spend quality time with myself … Continue reading What do you value?

Self Love & Money

This feels juicy, life-changing and refreshing already and I haven't even gotten into it yet. For me this post is all about authenticity, wholeheartedness and freedom...free to peel back the layers and open up about a part of my life that I haven't shared before. I know how much fear, judgment, shame and avoidance I … Continue reading Self Love & Money