Yep, I get scared too.

A big theme in my life at the moment is continuing to choose to show up for my dreams rather than let my fears determine my destiny. But that doesn't mean I am fearless. I get totally consumed by my thoughts, and fears too! I hold back at times instead of stepping up to the … Continue reading Yep, I get scared too.

Do more of what you love!

The other day I shared this pic on my facebook and instagram page and it had a big response. Why? Because we all yearn to feel more love in our lives, more of who we truly are. We all desire to leave the cage of limitation and fly free doing only what we love. I … Continue reading Do more of what you love!

Just do it Vlog!

Hey gorgeous soul, It's been a while since I felt to blog or share a video blog with you all but they say there is no greater moment than NOW. This definitely a theme for me in my life at the moment...JUST DO IT...DO WHAT I LOVE, DO WHAT I FEEL MOVED TO DO! Ever … Continue reading Just do it Vlog!