What do you DESIRE?

Do you ever get really honest with yourself about what you deeply, truly, wholeheartedly desire? Not the...'this will do' list. Not settling for less than you deserve. I'm talking about the real deal. Tuning into your inner voice and allowing yourself to honour those things in life that are calling you to experience, express and … Continue reading What do you DESIRE?

Are you going to let fear determine your destiny?

I am so passionate about this topic! Mind (Decision, Focus and Belief) + Body (Energy, Vibrations + Action) + Soul (Inspiration, Trust & Love) will lead you to your desired outcome. You best life, most fulling relationships, health, vitality, dream career, abundance of money and success in your work/biz is on the other side of … Continue reading Are you going to let fear determine your destiny?

Cut the crap & Decide.

*Head's up; this is a long post but definitely a juicy one!!! I had a moment this week when things shifted. It felt like as soon as I decided, that was it. It was already a done deal. No ifs, buts...just a wholehearted decision to claim what I feel is true for me and let … Continue reading Cut the crap & Decide.