This too shall pass

Do you ever get so consumed with what is next or what was? Ever feel fearful or anxious of what is yet to come your way? Or perhaps you crave what is to come instead of what is right here right now? The only constant thing in life is change itself! Lots of our struggles … Continue reading This too shall pass

Its time to rise up and play big

I have heard the term playing small and playing big around the spiritual and personal development realms for a while now. But you know there are times when you hear or read something, and then there is the moment where it 'resonates' with you deeply. Like you were ready to really let it sink in … Continue reading Its time to rise up and play big

The power of observation

A few days ago, I was pondering on the choices we make in each moment to live consciously (in the here and now) and what supports us to choose to live from a space of LOVE (full acceptance of what is) or from a space of FEAR (resistance and judgement of what is). After all, … Continue reading The power of observation