What do you DESIRE?

Do you ever get really honest with yourself about what you deeply, truly, wholeheartedly desire? Not the...'this will do' list. Not settling for less than you deserve. I'm talking about the real deal. Tuning into your inner voice and allowing yourself to honour those things in life that are calling you to experience, express and … Continue reading What do you DESIRE?

Its time to rise up and play big

I have heard the term playing small and playing big around the spiritual and personal development realms for a while now. But you know there are times when you hear or read something, and then there is the moment where it 'resonates' with you deeply. Like you were ready to really let it sink in … Continue reading Its time to rise up and play big

Creating a New Normal

Are you sick and tired of your own stories? Of going in circles and repeating the same lessons/experiences in your relationships, health, finances and career? Things wont work unless: - You really want the new change more than the comfort of your current normal - Your beliefs are aligned with this new change - You … Continue reading Creating a New Normal