One of my greatest teachers in life…my mum!

I recently spent a weekend with my mum in Brisbane, it was lovely to spend some quality 1:1 time with her. My mum is an artist, an art teacher and now is expanding her craft to include home made cards. I am beyond proud of my mum. She grew up extremely poor and has built … Continue reading One of my greatest teachers in life…my mum!

Coming home to you

Where do you feel most at home with yourself? What are you doing that feels so true for you? What are you doing when you feel as light as a feather? I know for me, I left behind a life that was shaping out to be one I 'thought' I should live. I knew it … Continue reading Coming home to you

Where are you?

I ask this because you may be so use to living your life based on the perceptions of your past or the projections of the future. Are you here? I mean fully here with your breath? Soaking in this moment and these words -how they make you feel, or what they mean for you? OR … Continue reading Where are you?