Coming home to you

Where do you feel most at home with yourself? What are you doing that feels so true for you? What are you doing when you feel as light as a feather? I know for me, I left behind a life that was shaping out to be one I 'thought' I should live. I knew it … Continue reading Coming home to you

You gotta REALLY want it

Words alone will fail you You can say it all you want but words without action and growth will only ever be lost dreams. The real deal Dreams require an inner mindset and energetic alignment along with action in your external world. The bridge between all your β€˜wanting’ and your actual β€˜living’. ACTION is the … Continue reading You gotta REALLY want it

What do you value?

Something totally dropped in for me recently. I love earning and spending money on things I most value. My lifestyle, relationship, health, and family are my top values...I love living where I live, I love having the freedom to do what I love when I want to, I love to spend quality time with myself … Continue reading What do you value?