Hey guys,

It seems like forever yet again since I’ve posted here. Life is busy with an almost 7 month old (I can’t believe it either!) and starting a new business venture from home.

I’ve been head down, heart open, totally in the flow of creating a new thriving business behind the scenes these past few months. And I have been loving it!

Although I have a lot to more to share and say about collaborative business, the power of residual income and also the many health and wellness benefits of essential oils and living a less toxic life, for now, you can check out more of what I have been up to here.

I feel like I have finally found what I have been physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually desiring for some time now.

I feel like I have finally found my tribe, connected to such a supportive and soulful community and sisterhood like never before. And I am LOVING IT.

As you know, nothing lights me up more than helping others to succeed and THRIVE in all areas of their life and the new beginning that I have been on is all about this.

A big lesson and AHA moment for me this year is ‘doing something you love and getting paid for it’ doesn’t have to be complicated. It can often be quite simple and go unnoticed for some time. I know all my choices and experiences have led me here and I am so grateful for ALL OF IT and still am.

I’ll leave you with here for now as I have Ava on my lap, wiggling all about and wanting to go for her afternoon walk to the park.

Much love,

Ellena x






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