Hello 2016!

How’s your year tracking so far?

Did you start off with the best of intentions and fall short already? If this is you, don’t fear simply hit the F##K it button, reset and start again TODAY! x

I have felt so inspired to get back on the blog lately. So with a 3 month old baby girl at home with me, to press publish on this first post of the year is quite the achievement for this new mama.

While I still have a lot to reflect upon and share with you around the many aha moments and life lessons from my pregnancy, experience of giving birth and becoming a mama for the first time, I wanted to start the new year off by sharing my top 5 tips to thriving in 2016 to get you going.

I believe thriving in life is a choice we can make. Thriving is a wholehearted decision to truly LIVE and be grateful for ALL OF LIFE, despite what our external circumstances are. It is a way of being, thinking, acting and living. It is about saying goodbye to surviving and being a victim. It is about shifting our perception of ourselves and our world to one of appreciation, possibilities and fulfillment.

Thriving is a conscious way of thinking, being and acting in our world despite our external circumstances.

I’ll be the first to say this is not me 100% of the time. However, the more and more I practice living this way, the better I feel.

Do you ever notice yourself playing the victim? Poor me, if only this or that, or its not meant to be etc…I certainly have. I still catch myself playing the victim role at times but I have to continually call BS on myself and call out my ego and inner critic many times in order to get back to a healthy and thriving mindset.

 Choosing to thrive and not just survive is all about focusing on creating the life we truly desire rather than using our struggles and challenges as an excuse not to move forward in our lives.

So here are my top 5 tips to help you THRIVE in work, wealth, health and relationships this year. Not only will these tools help you feel so good instantly, they also happen to be the quickest way to attract more of what you LOVE into your life, and who doesn’t want more of that?

  1. DECIDE! Happiness, wealth, love, adventure, your dream job/biz..all starts with a wholehearted decision.

Just decide!

Decide to embrace change in your life; to experience life on a whole new level.

Decide to improve your health and vitality and things will come your way to guide you along your path if you remain open to them. (I am currently doing a 30 day squat challenge, and if you know me, this is not something I would usually sign up for or complete for that matter, but I have decided to do it and day 3 feels good already!)

Decide to be happy. Again, remain open and take those first steps, ask for help, guidance and support. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Learn from others who are happy. Learn from those who are wealthy. Learn from those who have the results that you deeply desire!

It may seem simple and an easy one to overlook, but this definitely is a game changer!

The fastest way to create change in your life is to decide it is time and to stay open to the doors that open up for you. The catch is, doors may open in your life, but ONLY YOU CAN WALK THROUGH THEM.

Call to Love: What are you ready to decide this year for your health, work, wealth, love?

  1. Live from a space of absolute gratitude.

If nothing else, embrace this into your life and you will definitely feel and notice changes from the inside-out!

Living from a space of gratitude may take some practice, nevertheless it is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

When you live from a space of absolute appreciation of “what is” you are aligned with your best self and best life. You are not only able to enjoy your life a whole lot more, but you are also a much nicer person to be around and who doesn’t want to be around nice people?

The other thing about gratitude, is that it sends a message to the universe (yourself) that you are engaging directly in your current circumstances and experiences and grateful for what is showing up for you rather than ‘needing’ yourself, your body, your bank account, your partner, your work or your email list to be any different to what it is right here, right now.

Note – this is does not mean you get off the hook from deciding to create change in your life, rather, it is creating space for more to flow into your life to be grateful for.

No matter how my day turned out, as I close my eyes at night, I ponder on what the highlights of my day were and really allow those feelings of appreciation to wash over me.

Call to love: Take a look at your life at the moment, what are you resenting, annoyed at or honestly hating? I challenge you to practice being grateful for what this experience is teaching you, what this experience is actually giving your life and what it is here to teach you. Then as you go to bed for the next 3 nights, ponder on your top 3 highlights for the day and allow yourself to sink into those feelings of appreciation.

  1. Live your desires one day at a time!

This has been such a game-changer for me! It’s all about living with more intention one day at a time.

In the lowest points in my life and in the darkest moments where I have been absolutely consumed by fear, doubt, sadness and overwhelm, the best thing I have done is return to the strategy of “just doing today”. Its also great for bringing your big dreams down into manageable pieces into your life today.

A friend of mine gave me this advice at one of the most confusing times of my life and I’ll forever be grateful for it. It taught me to be more intentional with how I choose to spend my time, on what activities light me up the most and what was important to prioritize in my life on a daily basis.

Living for today also helps you to reset as many times as required! Say  its 2pm and you’ve had an ok day…the day is not over people, you still have the opportunity to reset and make your evening great.

It always and in all ways, comes back to us and the choices we make!

Call to love: I invite you to inspect how are you spending your time? Of course we have responsibilities, we all do, but the lesson is to live our lives consciously and creating quality time for what is important to us is essential to living our best lives. Time is one of your greatest assets, how are you spending it? What are you investing your time doing and with whom? Are these things helping you create your dream life?

  1. Embrace courage and be willing to stretch yourself

Nothing great in life happens without a little bit of courage (or a whole freaking lot for that matter!).

To experience love, we must first open our hearts.

To experience wealth, we must first take an honest look at our finances as they are today.

To experience a fulfilling career, we must be willing to believe in ourselves and share our creativity with others.

Nothing fulfilling comes our way without an open mind, an open heart and the willingness to do things we don’t usually do.

We are all capable of so much more than we are currently experiencing. And in order to get from where we are today in our relationships, health, wealth and work to where we desire to truly be; we are required to stretch our minds, our bodies and our souls to the next level.

After a while, the next level as it looks like now will become your new normal!

If you really think about it, we are all going to die someday. Yes I am going to die and you are too. On your death bed, you will be so grateful for all those times your took your life to the next level (I know I will be).

Call to love: Take 3 action steps in the next week that stretches you to a new normal.

  1. Choose love! Again, and again and again.

Every perceived challenge in life is a call to love!

We can choose to live our lives through the lens of love, compassion, empathy, honesty, courage or we can choose to live through the lens of fear, shame, judgment, hate, anger, sadness and resentment.

After all, your current situation will not change until you learn what it is here to teach you.

Learn to identify and master your inner critic and you can learn to master your health, finances, relationships and life’s work!

This is definitely not about being perfect or even aiming for perfection. Far from it. Choosing a life of love is all about the willingness to live wholeheartedly. Aka – returning to love over and over again, no matter how many times we loose sight of ourselves, our truth and our dreams.

Call to love: 1: Choose an area of your life and write down the 3-5 main stories that your inner critic continues to repeat over and again to keep you playing small, stuck and/or sad/depressed.

2: Then look at your reality and notice how these stories are determining your current experience.

3:Then write out how you would be experiencing this area of your life if your inner voice of love was running the show. How would you be showing up differently?

See the difference. Feel the difference. Create a difference in your life by learning to identify and accept your inner critic but then choose to return to your inner voice of love and return to that space again and again, knowing that each and every time, you are coming home to who you truly are more and more.

I would love to hear from you! Where do you feel like you are just surviving in your life? How do you thrive in your life? Which one of these 5 tips stood out the most for you? Do you have a favourite? Gratitude would have to be mine!

Much love,


ps. I’ll be opening up spaces for my Mentoring Clients again soon so make sure you are on the newsletter list to get all the details.

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