I often dive deep into this topic with my mentoring clients but today I felt a pull to share with you my top 10 insights into living a more abundant life. Transforming my money mindset has been a journey for many years now, ever evolving and deepening. So here are 10 tips that have helped me live a more abundant life from the inside -out:

1. Everything is energy. Including money and items and experiences we desire. Therefore, our thoughts, beliefs and early memories around money, giving and receiving are all snapshots of energy that we continue to replay in our lives today unconsciously. (That is until we become conscious creators of our lives!)

2. Letting go of ‘needing’ and ‘wanting’ something is the fastest way to experience it. Needing, wishing, and hoping will only continue to block that which you desire.

3. Align your energy as if you already have it. This is where trust comes in! Knowing deep within ourselves that’s its a done deal.

4. Ask for help, call in guidance about how to dissolve old money blocks and create a new money story. You’ll be amazed by what books, coaches or programs start to pop out to you. The inner work transforms your outer world!

5. Our natural state is abundance. It is infinite energy of oneness, connecting ‘every single thing’. Hence, you are already connected with every single thing you desire. Your journey is about removing that which is blocking you and aligning with the ‘feeling/energy’ of your desires.

6. Check in with whether it is a true soul desire or your ego convincing you that you ‘should’ have this or that or that you need x, y and z to be whole and complete.

7. Anything to do with the perception of ‘lack’ is simply one of the ego’s many games. The ego can only live in the past/future projections of our mind. Hence…presence is where your abundance awaits you!

8. ‘Manifesting’ what we truly desire starts with a ‘wholehearted’ decision. We allow into our lives only that which we believe we deserve. It is when we overthink, doubt, or question our desires that we are instantly disconnected from them or may sabotage that which comes our way.

9. Appreciation, true deep appreciation for exactly what is in this moment is what abundance is all about. When you no longer ‘need’ this moment or your circumstances to be different, and you surrender and dwell in the gift of what you are currently experiencing… that’s when you let it be and it often changes form.

10. Not having money to live the life you desire is most probably serving you in many ways. How is the story ‘I can’t afford it’ serving you? Is it keeping you safe? Is it keeping you in the perception of acceptance and belonging from those around you? Is it simply an old unconscious story you heard when you were a child and continue to replay?

While there is so much more that I could share on this topic, I’ll leave you with this. If you would love to dive deeper into this topic, sign up here for a complimentary mentoring session to see how we can work together.

Much love and light,

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