What have you been through in your life?

What are you currently going through in your life?

Is it weight issues, relationships issues, health issues, financial, career or even creative droughts?

What if experiencing these very things were the perfect experiences for you on many levels?

Never underestimate that your greatest asset is your journey of transformation.

Often our ‘voids’ or what we perceive to ‘lack’ in our lives turn out to be our greatest teachers…they wake us up to love. Lacking money leads us to the true path to abundance. Lacking intimacy leads us the true path of vulnerability and living with an open heart. Lacking fulfilling and creative work can lead us to our highest potential.

Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you! If you are willing to see it that way.

My mother for example grew up extremely poor out in the bush. With not much to do besides exploring the country side (which she did enjoy), she was bored a lot. So in that ‘void’ of boredom, she taught herself to draw. She spent hours and endless days learning how to create art…fast forward 30 years she is now a well respected artist and art teacher. The void in her childhood turned out to be her greatest gift and stream of abundance.

It is no surprise that we teach what me most need to learn ourselves. And as I mentor my clients, I find myself having many reflections back to similar experiences I have been through as my clients have…emotional eating; the journey to self love; body image; opening my heart to my dream relationship; letting go of past suppressed sadness and pain; money blocks; manifesting what I truly desire and tapping into my abundance; learning to live intuitively; following my heart; carving out my dream life and career.Really it is all about returning to the loving and infinite being that we really are and living from the space of freedom, an open heart and open mind.

And is why I am grateful for all of my experiences (although some do take much longer to find the silver lining in them than others). They have made me the ‘whole’ person that I am today. They are also the inspiration for my work…my writing, my speaking and my passion for mentoring and coaching others along their journey of transformation all comes from knowing first hand how hard it can be to be struck in a cycle of self inflicted pain, fear, and sadness. While I haven’t directly experienced everything my clients have, there are often similar ‘lessons’ that show up. Knowing what its like to feel alone on my spiritual journey and knowing just how much courage it takes to honour your heart’s path over the logical one of our mind never goes wasted when I am able to support and inspire others to follow their hearts calling.

So as I am currently working through a particular experience or part of my life that challenges me and stretches me, I know I can surrender to it reminding myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be and experiencing what I meant to…even if the ‘dream’ is not quite showing up in its fullness yet, this part of the journey is in perfect alignment with the bigger picture.

Much love and light,

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