When you are ready, life will give you what you need to open your heart that much more and to play bigger that much more.

Nothing has taught me this insight more than pregnancy.

Being 24 weeks pregnant with my daughter (ekk…yep its a girl!) has woken me up like nothing us in my life. It’s a whole other level of living.

There have many aha moments since I found out I was pregnant and continually along the way, I find that this bundle of life growing inside me continues to kick me right in the heart (and the stomach) many times.

I believe there is only ever ‘perfect timing’ to things in our life, even if we judge it as otherwise.

Our daughter has chosen to come along at the perfect time for me.

For me, I know deep in my heart and soul I will not be comfortable or showing up authentic as her mother if I teach her that she is infinite, can go after what she loves and live her best life while I sit back comfortable in my safety zone. The whole ‘do what I say, not as I have done’ mother talk.

This is not by any means any judgment on any other parent out there. This is simply my insights and lessons thus far along the journey to becoming a mother.

I know for too long now I have remained in my comfort zone with my work, with my gifts and with my true desires. While there have been waves of massive inspired action and amazing results in my business, there have also been so many times where I hid from the spotlight, held back from stretching myself further and resisted my true creative power.

But earlier this year, as I shared in one of my previous posts (you can read it here) I was at a crossroads in my life…do I really pursue coaching, speaking and writing as my profession or do I start a “safer more certain” career in a different field? The good old sway between my inner critic craving safety, certainty and comfort and then my inner truth calling me forth to what I truly love to do in this world.

And I really feel with our lil girl coming along, knowing that I will be her mother, her role model of a woman in this world, an example for her to aspire to and look up to, that nothing has woken me up more than this…WHO AM I CHOOSING TO BE!??!!!???!!!???

This really hit be hard…kinda like a love slap from the universe, not easy but oh so necessary and welcomed. Even as I cringe at times when I get really honest with myself. But we must get honest, really deeply honest with ourselves if we are willing to evolve and carve out our dream life.

The truth is, like many, my greatest struggle has been to shine. And in many ways always will be, as I continue to dive deeper and let go of more and more layers, allowing myself to live authentically and fully in all areas of my life.

It use to be in my personal life…the journey of being ‘me’ socially. I use to hide behind so many masks. I was so afraid to share the spiritual side of myself with my friends and partners for so long. Yet now, I have worked through that I feel more me than ever before.

But I also know that professionally I am at the stage…the stage of stepping on up, letting my work shine out in the world and sharing with more people.

You may be wondering why would you hold back from helping people? Right? Even writing that is not easy.

The truth is…we are all on the same journey…returning home to love. Although our paths may look different, we are all on the journey of choosing love over fear whether we know it or not. Waking up to who we are…conscious energy in this human body…is not easy, but the more you journey within, the more fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life becomes.

So I know, I am experiencing and have experienced the ‘perfect’ lessons for me and I know deep in my heart that now more than ever is my time to rise up and share more of my work with others.

Although the form may change, I know that means more mentoring, more workshops (one coming up very soon in Brisbane!), more writing and yes writing my book!

I’m not ashamed of where I am at, but I am deeply grateful that I have been gifted my daughter at the perfect time (for so many reasons!)

There is still so much more to share with you about the insights from being pregnant, so stay tuned.

And of course you don’t have to be pregnant to have a similar ‘love slap’ from the universe.

Take a look at your life at the moment…are you struggling to share what you love with your friends, family or community?

Trust me when I say, you are not alone and you are not the only one. So often we hold back thinking I’m the only one, no one will understand. But what I know for sure is when you open your heart and share your truth you inspire and give others permission to do the same.

Much love and light,

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