Do you ever get so consumed with what is next or what was?

Ever feel fearful or anxious of what is yet to come your way? Or perhaps you crave what is to come instead of what is right here right now?

The only constant thing in life is change itself!

Lots of our struggles come from leaving the present moment, this present experience that we are in right here today.

Even in one day, we can easily leave the present and skip to the fear or anticipation of the afternoon/evening.

While its natural to float your attention into the future a little and see how it feels to you (nothing wrong with planning something).

Your infinite supply of joy is always in the present moment now.

So when I find myself wanting a certain situation or experience to pass or if I find myself swamped by fear of the future, the simple reminder of ‘this too shall pass’ always helps me return to the here and now.

Being pregnant has been the perfect experience for me around constant change.

My body is constantly changing.
My sleep is constantly changing.
My relationships are constantly changing.
My energy levels are constantly changing.
My focus is constantly changing.
My bank account is constantly changing.

There is simply lots of change going on.

Change is simply the evolution of our experience.

It is our minds (inner critic, egos, inner mean girls/boys) that attempt to hold on tight to certainty and resist change most of the time.

Change involves the unknown, the unpredictable, the uncertain…everything that the ego hates. It is in this space that the fear train rolls in and takes over. All the “what if this happens?” scenarios start to creep in…often founded in a deep sense of lack.

And mostly a lack of trust.

Of trusting ourselves, our intuition, our bodies, and that the universe has our back.

So how do we dwell in the space of trust in a time of such unknown?

For me it is about staying committed to my spiritual practice. While this may differ for others, mine goes a little like this.
– Taking it one day at a time
– Feeling the best I can today.
– Moving my body
– Feeling my emotions fully and releasing them (perfect practice for ‘this too shall pass’)
– Listening to music that soothes my soul (a lot of Enya, Sacred Earth, Ben Howard and when im in the mood…Queen B).
– Making my home feel like an oasis. The simple things like incense and candles burning with music in the background, grounds me and makes me feel so damn good. When my house is clean and fresh, I always feel lighter and brighter!
– Prioritizing ‘me’ time. Whether it be a morning walk, a hot bath at night, or simply time to write in my journal for 5 mins before getting out of bed. I know I am feeling off when I haven’t had ‘me time’.
– Laughing and having quality time with my man and my friends.

For me it can change day to day, because for me that is what it is like to live intuitively and in the flow. My agenda is different each day, some are a lot busier than others, so I move with it rather than resisting it.

I have spent many years, at many retreats, seminars and meditations practicing to live in the here and now and while I am not perfect at it, I have come so far and that is the one thing I can credit my happiness to the most. It is the one thing I am so deeply grateful for pursuing and practicing in my life too.

While I don’t meditate everyday, I do my best to live in the present moment as much as I can throughout my days. For me life is a mediation, it is not just about sitting still for 20min a day and we make it to some peaceful place for the rest of our day.

For me, my practice of presence is in my everyday life.

When I’m washing up or taking the rubbish out. When I’ cooking or even buying the groceries. When I’m having a difficult conversation with my man where I am sharing my truth and it is not easy for me. It’s when I’m sharing my truth with my friends and showing up authentically. It’s when I’m getting my tax organised or when I decided to put my joggers on or roll out my yoga mat. It’s in the decision to take one more bite of food or putting my fork down. It’s in the decision to order a tea or a hot chocolate. It’s in the moment I look in the mirror and whether I choose to see who I really am or whether I let my mean ego take over!

My spiritual practice is a moment by moment presence of energy of who I am choosing to be and how I am choosing to show up and experience my one wild and beautiful life in this body, with this name and this soul.

That is why embracing change, living in the flow and living intuitively moment by moment is the greatest asset I have in my spiritual toolbox.

And it is not about perfection but more so about progress. I would definitely not appreciate the space I live from today if I did not experience such fear for years.

So when you are going through a time of change, remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ it will help to settle your mind but also jolt you into absolute appreciation for exactly what you are experiencing right here, right now.

Much love and light,

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