Hello gorgeous tribe!

I missed writing, sharing and connecting with you all and it feels fantastic to be back in this space!

As I do my best to live in tune to my inner voice and do the things that feel true for me, at times I feel to step away from the blog and have some space in my life to simply be without over-analyzing it or getting stuck in my head too much.

I know when I am doing more pushing and less being that it is time for me to take a step back and return to the foundations of my life…taking it one day at a time, connecting to my heart and re-connecting with what is true.

Can you relate? Ever feel like you keep showing up because that’s what is done? You keep putting one foot in front of the other without being aware of yourself taking the steps? When you just go, go, go without feeling truly connected to what you are doing?

Yep, hello clever ego!

The deeper we go spiritually, intuitively and consciously, our dear ego sure does comes along for the ride on a whole new level!

The point is not to beat yourself up or to judge yourself…as ‘all’ that we experience is designed to wake us up and invite us into the light. The lesson or rather, invitation is to wake up to a new level of awareness and live from that new found space. Aka…to feel more alive than ever before! To feel alive, not matter what you are doing is the greatest feelings ever!

Ultimately…to feel alive to life is to live in the space of the present moment. This is where endless joy, abundance, creativity, vitality, health and intimacy streams from!

Hence, it is not about looking at the surface of our lives to fix, improve or change them…it is about diving deeper and connecting to our inner world that is ultimately creating our external experiences. Therefore, if you desire more fulfilling relationships, work, more vibrant health or even more wealth and abundance in your life…it is all there awaiting you in this present moment.

The journey to receiving those experiences lies in who you are being moment by moment. And that’s all that relationships, health, wealth, work, home, travel etc…are…. nothing to hold onto or need; rather, simply beautiful gifts to experience in this wild ride called life!

It is about the small moment my moment shifts that create the larger life changes!

When you are present with your partner, friend, client, colleague, accountant, parent, boss, food, money, email etc…that is when you create space for the fullness of who you really are (infinite love) to show up and create your moment. It is only when we are present in our conversations and interactions that we are able to truly connect deeply and intimately not only with the other person or people, but also with ourselves.

So why is presence so powerful???

Presence allows us to respond rather than react.
Presence allows us to feel rather than to over think.
Presence allows us to be creative, innovative and spontaneous.
Presence allows us to move more peacefully and fluidly through life.
Presence allows us to choose again.
Presence allows us to create our lives as we truly desire them to be.

Its not that it takes all the bad experiences away for us, it is that it equips us with the power to transcend the suffering that inevitably comes with attachment, judgment, expectations, lack, need and ultimately fear!

So if there is any area of your life you would love to transform into new experiences…start with where you are in this moment exactly! Start by being present with all your experiences rather than simply go to fix, change or need to improve your circumstances or change your story.

It is presence that allows us to move on despite our situation and in turn; creates space for our situation to move on from us. As we change our focus from judgment to acceptance and from need to appreciation…things start to transform around us.

After all, we will be given the same experience over and over again until we wake up to it and transcend the power it has had over us to reclaim our own power of it! Hello repeating money, health and relationship patterns!

Remember, that the beauty of who you are will last a lifetime with the people around you…that is why we are feeling called to show up more fully, openly, lovingly, kindly and authentic more than ever before.

And its not about being perfect, it is about hitting that welcomed reset button as many times as it takes to come back home time and time again.

Thank god for a new moment! We each have the power to carve out our highest potential and self actualize in this life of ours; if we so chose to. Its quite simple; chose again and again until we get there.

And is there any there anyway? Perhaps not…just different levels, diving deeper and deeper in our consciousness; awakening our soul throughout our human experience!

Keep enjoying the journey!

Much love,
Ellena xx

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