I recently spent a weekend with my mum in Brisbane, it was lovely to spend some quality 1:1 time with her. My mum is an artist, an art teacher and now is expanding her craft to include home made cards.


I am beyond proud of my mum. She grew up extremely poor and has built her life up one step at a time. While going through divorce with my dad, she put herself through a teaching grad dip while also having 3 teenagers at home. It was a hectic time for her, but she kept putting one foot forward. One step, one day at a time.

My mum (and my dad) have been 2 of my greatest teachers in life. It wasn’t only through the wisdom that mum shared with me throughout my life, but even more than that; it was through witnessing her journey of transformation that I learnt first hand the power we have to reclaim our power back from others and the world outside of us and decide for ourselves to make the changes required to create a better life. Basically – it was through her action and behaviours that showed me what power we truly have. She was an example of love, possibility, strength, resilience, forgiveness, creativity and generosity (and she still is!). The way she led her life was her message.

***I also have a great relationship with my dad, and I feel blessed to say my parents have remained friends all this time. As a child of divorce, I will be forever grateful that my parents didn’t make it just about them, they deeply considered us 3 kids throughout the divorce and respected each other enough to be kind with each other. My dad has also inspired me on many levels in life and there will be more posts on this to come so stay tuned!***

I was reminded of just how far my mum has come on her journey while spending this past weekend with her. To see her art on these cards which she is now selling…I had goosebumps. Was so proud! I was also in awe of her. It hit me how much her art has matured, how great of an artist she truly is.

mum an dI

The thing is, mum is a self taught artist. Because she was so bored as a kid out in the bush, she taught herself to draw to occupy her time (side note: bordem for kids and people is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be just what we require in order to discover our art/craft/passions).

And she kept drawing. She kept exploring her art and her love for creating throughout her 20’s, 30’s, as a young mother, as a mother with teenage kids and it led her to become a primary school art teacher in her 40’s. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. It starts with a decision, and continues with persistence, endurance and staying committed to yourself and your dreams.

Mum’s journey also reminded me that it is not about talent. We are all gifted in our own way, the people that make it in their own way are the ones that keep going. The ones that keep practicing their art, their craft and get sitting down, making time and space to do more of what they love.

Seeing mum’s art on these cards was exactly what I needed this week. It inspired me to keep going, to keep making space and to keep showing up for my art, my soul work and doing more of what lights me up from the inside out.

No matter how messy and imperfect the beginning stages (even years) may be, its about endurance. It’s about not giving up on yourself and on something that brings you so much joy. It is about continuing no matter what craziness is going on around you in life.

Talent only takes you so far, it is endurance that takes you all the way.

So no matter where you are on your journey, know that at any time that YOU DECIDE, you can pick up what you love once again and keep going.

No matter how many times you have fallen down or fallen short, no matter how many times you have given into the doubt and to the resistance, or even walked away from your dreams…you can always start again and keep going.

Seeing my mum come to the point in her life right now where her art is this good (this is my favourite picture, these also happen to be my sisters hands, so this pic has even more meaning for me) is the greatest example of you can do it…



You gotta love your art, craft, work enough to keep at it. Otherwise the inner critic, the doubt and the need to be perfect will win. You also gotta love yourself enough, to give yourself the time, space and resources to do more of what you love!

I don’t know about you, but i’m back in the arena. I’m fueled to keep going and working on developing my soul’s work even more.

You don’t have to have a creative mum to get this, so many of my friends and family look to my mum for inspiration. So can you! She would love to know that her life, her example and her spirit has inspired others to keep working towards what they love. Yes you can borrow my mum for inspiration 🙂

I’ll share more of mum’s work as a website it set up too. Who know’s we might even do some collaborative work with some art/quotes/cards etc…

Thank you mum for being you. I am so glad I choose you to be my mum. Love you beyond words,
Ellena x

ps. I would love to hear your comments, or thoughts below so feel free to share what lights you up, who inspires you or how this post reminded you of something x

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