This seems simple but is often overlooked very quickly.

How often do you look to others to save you?

Do you blame others for how your feeling or for your current life circumstances? 

Your Best life is about taking full responsibility for All of yourself and for ALL of life.

We cannot control what is happened to us, we are only ever in control of how we choose to respond and show up in the world.

My mum shared this with me when I was a teenager and when she was going through a divorce from my dad. I have returned to this prayer many times throughout my life. god

When we are looking to the external world, whether it be other people or circumstances, to give us what we think we need, we are essentially giving away our power. To add to the pain, we put expectations on others and things to work out and to show up in a certain way in order for us to feel complete, whole, happy and peaceful.

Living your best life and playing the game of life your way (and in a big way) is all about claiming full responsibility for how you are showing up in your life.

Taking responsibility is all really about turning your attention from outside back within yourself.

When things are flowing or people aren’t showing up how wish they were, it is an opportunity and a calling from your soul to turn within, get still and listen to the lessons and messages that are awaiting you.

A great re-frame I use when I get upset or unhappy with how something is showing up in my life is that it really is my soul awakening me to my best life.

Things will and have to go off course in order for us to wake up and acknowledge our truth.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are already whole and complete, its just all the muck and crap that is blocking you from feeling this and most importantly realising this.

Life is a journey home to yourself, one must loose their way in order to find their true self and path.

So instead of being angry at yourself, others or the universe, see the weight, finances, situations, people, boss (etc) as a calling to your best life.

Something is off course, somewhere in your life you are not honouring your truth, perhaps not speaking up or stepping up to something you know you are ready to engage or embrace.

We are each responsible for the person we are choosing to be; we are each responsible for the energy we bring to our workplaces, to our relationships, to our health etc.

So today, instead of looking to blame, shame or label the external world, use it as an opportunity to take the call from your intution to really get still, listen and align with your truth and best life.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a great and meaningful Zac Braff movie ‘I wish I was here’: “Life is an occasion. Rise to it.”

If you are ready to rise to your life and would love a 45 minute discovery call with myself, simply take the first step and email me at to book in a time.

Much love,

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