How often do you tune in and listen to your body?

I know I am my best self when I feel light, energetic, open and inspired.

I know I am off course when I feel heavy, lethargic, closed and depleted.

I learnt many years ago through my spiritual teachers and mentors and also through my own experience that our body holds our greatest wisdom…we know the truth by the way it feels. feels
Our inner guidance system, otherwise known as our intuition is always alive – guiding us forth to our truth; to our best life.

Making decisions from our head and heart are very different.

For me – I make decisions, big decisions in life based on what my gut instinct is telling me (aka my body, my inner guidance system – my intuition).

For example:
I knew after 6 years of uni, that travelling overseas was true for me instead of becoming a lawyer.
I knew life coaching, writing and speaking was for me instead of counselling.
I knew after 2.5 years in a relationship, that the relationship was no longer true for me.
I knew after having a break from a relationship, that it was true for me to rekindle our love.
I knew after 12 months living in Africa, that it was time to come home.
I knew it was time to move to Sydney to be with my man.


By listening to my body – a wisdom greater than my mind.

Our minds are often hijacked by our egos; convincing us to do what we think is ‘safe, secure, comfortable & predictable.’

And every single time that I followed my gut instinct despite how much it ‘didn’t’ make sense’ or by how scary it seemed, I always so grateful I had the courage to follow my heart rather then live a life based on all my ‘should’s’.

Some people may call me crazy. So be it. Id rather be true to myself and willing to live a heart and soul driven life according to my truth than to come across to others as ‘acceptable’.

This week, there has been a growing feeling within me to have ‘me time’ to get away and recharge. As the divine often works, I booked flights last week to fly home to my family for the weekend. Even while I was waiting at the airport for my flight, I was still feeling heavy and tired.

Then I had an overwhelming feel to write a blog post. As soon as I followed the feeling to write, in that instant, the heaviness shifted, I felt alive, light, open and inspired. I felt a deeper connection to myself, to you guys and to life – grateful for the things that light me up: writing, teaching and connecting.

Our best life – the path that is here to wake us up and guide us to bringing the best out of ourselves, to fulfill our highest calling is always there whispering to us through the form of inspiration.

We are always in communication with our intuition – it’s just that sometimes we can get in the way and block our truth from being expressed through us.

I’m not perfect by no means, I don’t always listen to my gut instinct, but boy do I pay for it when I don’t. Its not about how many times you do or don’t, its about being willing to trust yourself, trust that inner whisper, back yourself and be willing to learn to come home to your truth quicker each and every time.

Instead of beating yourself up or judging your negative feelings (which our ego is so darn good at doing)…see them as signposts guiding you home to love.

Where in your life right now are you being guided to?

What is your body telling you in this moment?

What you are being called to do?

Perhaps to rest? To go for that job? To end that relationship? To go to yoga instead of the gym? To continue to let out the creative energy that is bursting within you to be free?

Whatever it maybe for you;

Keep leaning into your joy, your lightness and the path and choices which make you feel grateful to be alive!

Learn and listen to your body; for it is always communicating to you.

This is how a life you love is created…one day, one choice at a time based on how it feels.

It is through the path of joy that we find out who we truly are and why we are truly here.

Much love,

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