Hello my beautiful tribe,

Its been a few months since I have last posted and it feels so good to be back.

Travel, loved ones and the freedom to have daily nanny naps = Bliss!
After a delightful holiday away with my family and my love, I returned to our beautiful home in East Sydney feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to get into the fresh start that is 2015. I had all ‘intentions’ to write in my diary letting go of 2014 and setting my intentions for 2015 yet I was totally not inspired to. During our two weeks away in Brisbane and the Whitsundays (ahhh, the memories, here are some pics!) I was really enjoying the quality time with my family and friends, having daily naps, playing games, going swimming and simply enjoying life without analyzing all that has been and trying to forecast too far into the impending year ahead.

holidays 2

holidays 5


It was only once I surrendered to letting myself simply enjoy every moment of my holiday did I then get a divine download out of nowhere…the word CHERISH simply dropped in loud and clear to me. This is what came to me…

Cherishing the moment
Cherishing the spiritual lessons in all that shows up – the good, bad and not so pretty stuff.
Cherishing my family
Cherishing myself
Cherishing my gifts
Cherishing my relationship with Ian
Cherishing my friends
Cherishing my work that supports me while I build my dream biz.
Cherishing my home
Cherishing my money and finances
Cherishing moving my body
Cherishing my online home
Cherishing opportunities and saying yes to my desires.

For me, cherishing what is really translates as being one with what is moment by moment. Even when life is looking like how we expect it to, it is about cherishing the opportunity to connect to it nevertheless.

My Journey to attending the Gabby Bernstein Workshop
I had a beautiful opportunity and reminder of the power of manifesting our desires early Jan. Gabby Bernstein was hosting a one day workshop here in Sydney. I hadn’t followed much of Gabby’s work for a while, but in the weeks leading up to the workshop I felt myself increasing inspired by her. My inner voice grew louder and louder to go to the workshop, yet of course in my story I was working that day and I didn’t have the spare cash for a $300 ticket. But I continued to say yes to going and totally surrendered to if and how it would unfold. My intuition was screaming at me to go to the event, every cell in my body was a yes to go!

gabby b 1

My boyfriend and I ended up buying tickets the day before the event and while I was sitting there, cherishing the space that Gabby was sharing with us all, I couldn’t have had imagined missing it. I remember thinking to myself, I nearly missed out on this, I almost blocked this experience from manifesting in my life and I felt an overwhelming gratitude for how the universe works, for saying yes, for letting go of attachment and for my work for ‘accidentally’ overpaying me my leave pay by $300 just 2 days before the event (yep we never know where the money will come from).

To be amongst a group of ‘spirit junkies’ aka people willing to wake up to a higher consciousness and connection within themselves and others…I felt at home. I felt held. I felt safe to be me. For so long, being a spiritual young person I felt alone, I only met older people who I could have open spiritual conversations with. So it was such a beautiful moment to share a room with 600 other people (men and women and my man) who are all open to the conversation of spirituality, love, fear, conscious living, divine intervention and light workers.

gabby 2

I felt called more than ever before to continue with my work as a writer, mentor, coach and facilitator for other peoples journey. There have been a few times I wanted to and have run away and turned my back to this work. I even signed up to do a masters in Primary School Teaching this year (but have since decided not to continue with it) and instead channel my energy, focus and heart into the work that lights me up from the inside out. The work that I feel born to do. I was reminded of this loud and clear from the day with Gabby.

This quote in particular really hit home for me.



I have run from my gifts for too long now. I have been scared of my gifts and power for too long now. It is time to rise. Time to rise and shine my light, If I expect and empower others to do the same.

The beautiful thing is, I am no longer in a place of judgment of the journey I have been on the past few years.
I now cherish all of it. I feel so much gratitude for who I am and for the soul work that truly lights me up from the inside out.

One of the biggest lessons from Gabby’s workshop was COMING HOME QUICKER. Its not about how far or how long you drift away from the center of who you truly are, its all about coming home to your heart each and every time. The more conscious you are of drifting away from your truth, your flow and your presence and the more conscious you are in returning to your power, your core and your heartspace, the more peace, ease and joy you will experience in life. Like Gabby or Oprah, they are no different, they are no more special than anyone else, they have simply been committed to THEIR PATH and have learnt to come home quicker each and every time.

So 2015 is the year for me to CHERISH the journey and recommit to my spiritual path – all the while continuing to come home to me as often and as quick and as loving as possible over and over again.

So gorgeous soul…just who will you choose to be this year? Do you have an overall theme for the year? What would you LOVE to experience this year?

Looking forward to sharing the ride with you all.

With love and gratitude,
Ellena xx

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