Are you sick and tired of your own stories? Of going in circles and repeating the same lessons/experiences in your relationships, health, finances and career?

Things wont work unless:
– You really want the new change more than the comfort of your current normal
– Your beliefs are aligned with this new change
– You love yourself enough to allow and invite a new experiences in your life
– You stop judging yourself for your current circumstances
and…you actually gotta start taking action. Doing things differently, even if its one thing at a time until that becomes your new normal.

The thing is, we are constantly living and creating our lives moment by moment from either a place of love or from a place of fear.

Love can show up in the form of inspiration, acceptance and action.

Fear can show up as resistance, self-sabotage, procrastination and self-judgment.

Hence, whenever you are creating a new normal for yourself, whatever it maybe (going from single -> relationship, from one career -> new job/starting your own biz, writing a book, unhealthy->healthy and vibrant)…it is essential to infuse as much love into your life as you can.

Here’s some tips that will help you navigate through this time of change.

#1 Is is from love or is from fear of not being good enough?
Check in and see if you are creating a change from a space of “Id love to…” or from place of fear “Im not good enough as I am…”. Ask yourself; What would love do now?

#2 Take it one day at a time!
Do today to the best of your ability. Then tomorrow morning, start the day with the same intention. It brings the big picture down to bite size pieces that is actually achievable.

#3 Reset
Feel free to hit the reset button as many times as required. When you see yourself off course, instead of getting consumed in the never ending cycle of judgment, simply hit reset! Start fresh and start over.

#4 Embrace your emotions and feelings.
Stuff is gonna come up! When we grow, stretch and expand out previous normal to a whole new normal, we will face our inner demons and our inner mean girls. Both of which will do their best work at preventing change in ourselves and in our lives. The best way is to allow yourself to feel your emotions, your fears and resistance. Sit with them, not with the resistance of them. Journal them, share with a friend, share with your partner -whatever works for you.

#5 Embrace the journey of the experience
Remind yourself that every other single person in this world has experienced the highs and lows of change. When creating a dream, there will be mountain tops and there will also be valleys to walk through until you start climbing that next mountain. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is turn around and look at the view – see just how far you have journeyed thus far in life. Know that the next mountain top, you will see the view and be so grateful you took the next step forward in the exact moment you were about to throw in the towel

#6 Practice radical self love.
Return to the basics, fill up your own love tank first, eat good foods, move your body, take time out for you, have a hot bath…whatever floats your boat do more of that!

#7 Embrace progress over perfection.
Instead of needing it to be perfect NOW, be willing and make progress NOW. Progress leads to excellence only when practiced.

I know for me whenever I am creating a new normal, experiencing new things, getting outside my current comfort zone…things come up, some things last longer than others and every single time…I get through it (even if it is eventually). When you shift from “I can’t” to “I can handle it” and from fear of “not knowing how” to a space of “curiosity” you center yourself again and are better able to back yourself despite the presenting challenges.

Creating a new normal is not always easy, some areas of your life will come to you much more naturally and effortlessly than others. But without challenge, we would not know what we are made of, what we are capable of and just how much more achieving a dream/vision/desire/goal feels so damm freaking good when we do.

Creating a new normal is a one day a time journey. No matter your yesterday, don’t let it limit your today.

Much love,

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