Where do you feel most at home with yourself?

What are you doing that feels so true for you?

What are you doing when you feel as light as a feather?

I know for me, I left behind a life that was shaping out to be one I ‘thought’ I should live. I knew it made sense for me after 6 years of Uni; a double degree in Law and Psychology to go into a well paying job straight out of uni but it did not feel good one bit! My body was repelling the idea and calling me toward freedom, adventure and discovery aka; travel! So I listened and followed my heart: I gave myself permission to carve out my own path rather than suppress my true self any longer.

And after my fabulous 2 years overseas, the same crossroad and choice presented itself upon my return. To follow my heart once again into Life Coaching or to pursue Counselling or Family Law. Again and again, we are called to listen and follow our truth or to live a life we think we ‘should’.

My life really started to take form in a really good way when I started to follow my intuition and do more of what made me feel truly alive!

It was by no means easy, but for me it was the only choice I could live with. Any other choice, I felt like I was dying on the inside. I didn’t want to live a life that wasn’t true for me. What was really important for me was to truly get to know myself and live a life authentic to my heart and soul.

As I continue to embark on new territories in life at every new chapter, I continue to return to what is my truth calling for, what would I honestly love to do now/next?

Sometimes the next best move to make is to get back in touch with your true self, the one that dreams and desires. To tune into your inner voice, listen to your bodies’ guiding wisdom and then to follow your intuition and make work, make love and make a life that truly and deeply FEELS GOOD from the inside out!

We all have different values, the important journey we all take is to figure out what is essential for oursoul, for our body and for our mind in this lifetime of ours. To not live or repeat another’s life, but to truly embrace your unique story and destiny…to really venture on your own true path home to yourself! You may not know the details of a fulfilling life 10 years from now, but the important thing is to start doing what is calling you NOW! The rest will unfold as it is meant to.

I know for me nothing inspires me more than love…
*Doing what I love
*Living in a home I love
*Being with people I love
*Doing work that I love
*Living a life I truly love
*Supporting and inspiring others to do what they love
*Loving myself, ‘all’ of myself
*Loving the adventure, challenges and fears as much as the ease, the grace and the victories!

What inspires you?

Are you yearning to carve out your own path?

I believe we all are, no matter what shape or form it may be, we are all seeking to return home to ourselves one way or another. Getting lost is a part of that journey and it is often the ‘chapter’ that propels us forward the most.

No matter where you are, be there, embrace that chapter and continue to follow the path that lights you up from the inside out. The past is sealed and dealed. The future is an open book. Start living your ideal day as much as possible today! Otherwise 2015 will only be a slightly repeated version of 2014. I know for me, I am ready to leave what has been behind me and dig deeper so I can play on a whole new level in 2015. And I know that it is starts with coming home to me that much more today!

Much love,

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