I ask this because you may be so use to living your life based on the perceptions of your past or the projections of the future.

Are you here? I mean fully here with your breath? Soaking in this moment and these words -how they make you feel, or what they mean for you?

OR are you thinking of all things you have to do today?

We are all so hungry for love, peace and fulfillment.

We search for so long for these things outside of us.

I know I have.

I use to get my love fix by ‘helping others’, ‘pleasing people’, and I saw my worth in what I could ‘give’ rather than who I was ‘being’.

I use to my peace from temporary fixes of getting lost in a movie or eating; anything to avoid those lurking feelings and emotions I didn’t want to face and embrace within.

I use to get my fulfillment by thinking what I ‘do’ is who I am.

For so long, I was seeking outside of me.

It was while I was living in Arusha, Tanzania for an extended period of time. Living a dream for sure. But I also noticed how naturally happy so many people around me were while I was still not fully and truly ‘living life in the moment, grateful for what was in front of me’ nor was I truly loving myself.

I observed so much about human behaviour and spirituality during my time in Africa. I realised and saw first hand how much people truly were grateful for everyday, every meeting with a friend, every single meal – there was just so much gratitude around me. The thing is they didn’t have a ‘gratitude list’ exercise every morning or night, it was a part of who they were being.

They weren’t ‘doing’ gratitude, they were ‘being’ grateful.

They didn’t take life for granted. Rather, they embraced ‘all’of life in front of them. There was so much connection and importance placed on greeting people.

It was a beautiful and profound experience in many way and I certainly observed and learnt in the ‘real world’ that a fulfilling and happy life truly does start from within.

So if you are wondering why things feel a bit off, things are a bit hectic or you seem out of sorts.

Check in and see where you are.

Are you fully living in the presence moment? Connecting with yourself, with others and with the opportunity of life in every new moment? Or are you still consumed by what happened yesterday or shit scared by what is to come this week in life?

Today instead of only having the goals of ’10 tasks or 3 projects etc’, why not also bring your presence to every single thing you do. From walking the stairs, to eating a mouthful of food, from truly listening to your friend share their story with you. Bring ‘all’ of you to each email, each phone call, each ‘to do’. When connecting with a client or customer, instead of focusing on what you want to say, truly listen to them. Let them be heard. You will be amazed by how much more you are able to truly ‘hear’ them say and as result serve them even more.

When we are living for the bliss of every new moment, we have the power to connect and truly be the change we wish to see in our own lives and also this beautiful big world.

This isn’t woo-woo unless you let it be.

The point is when you are being present, you actually accomplish so much more from a fulfilling and creative space.

Procrastination is another form of not being ‘here and now’. You are rather continuing to play an old record that you learnt to do when you were younger because it served you then – chances are, that old ‘you’ is no longer serving your higher purpose today!

‘Be’ the change you wish to see in the world by ‘being’ in ‘all’ that life has to offer you today and as a result, you soon see that you are being ‘all of you’ in your life.

Much love,
Ellena x

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