Are you worthy of passion, fun, joy, commitment, intimacy, connection, fulfillment and hot amazing sex?

Isn’t that what we all would love? I know that’s what I used to dream of in my ideal relationship. Wanting is one thing, believing it is possible is another!

Are your beliefs blocking this from being your reality? What else is blocking you from claiming the love and life you truly desire?


I didn’t want to repeat my parents lessons in life and love. I wanted to embark on my own journey in life, to live my best life while also sharing it with another amazing, fun, loving, supportive human being: aka My ‘H’ Man.

It took me many years and a few relationships to get to the space to truly invite someone into my life that shows me that it was all worth it.

All those tears, heartbreaks, breaking hearts, frustrations, yearning, longing, lonely nights…they were all worth it to get to this space.

The thing is, the key to attracting, finding, meeting, manifesting a relationship that lights you up, that challenges you, that stretches you and that nourishes you physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally is to love yourself first and foremost.

To go on that journey within, knowing who you are, developing a strong connection with yourself and living your life authentically and wholeheartedly before you expect someone to show up and share it with you.

Relationships like money, health etc in life are like mirrors. They reflect back you to what is going on within you: whether you are living, thinking and behaving from a space of love or fear.

Are you truly available to letting love enter your life in the form of a relationship?

Are you sabotaging your health, finances, career etc so that you are ‘not ready’ or ‘good enough’ to let love into your life?

Are you holding onto the belief that you and your life has to be ‘perfect’ before you let love in?

Are you filling your void with food, shopping, casual sex, work, tv just so you don’t have to face your emotions, pain and true desires in life?

Are you settling for love and a life that is less than you know deep down you desire?


Like everything in life, relationships are a standard showing ourselves and the world what we believe we are worthy of.

The good news is that you can cultivate a deep, loving and nourishing relationship with yourself at any point, no matter your past or your age. Whether you are ready to invite love into your life or re-ignite your current relationship, it all starts with a decision.

So many women say they want it, but only those who are ready and willing to dive deeper, invest in themselves and their lives are the ones that get results.

For those of you who are ready and willing to invite love into your life, find your ‘H’ man and live a life you love, I currently have 6 spots left in my 3 Month Coaching Package. If you would love to meet, chat and connect about how you can start 2015 with your H man and be living a life you love today, not in 5 years from now, then take up my offer of a complimentary 1 Hour Discovery Call to see if working together is your next best step. In the discovery call I share more about what a ‘H’ man actually means. I love talking, teaching and sharing this message, I look forward to connecting with you soon to find out if working with me 1:1 in a coaching program is for you.

Schedule Session

With love,
Ellena x

ps. Is it just me or is the fact that it’s mid October already CRAZZY!!! I also find this time of year inspiring!! A little pressure is good for us sometimes, what do we want to let go of this year that no longer resonates with who we are today, what do we want to create space for and invite into our lives. With only a 11 weeks left in this year, it is the perfect time to hit reset, and ignite your life in more ways than one! x

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