I am so passionate about this topic!

Mind (Decision, Focus and Belief) + Body (Energy, Vibrations + Action) +
Soul (Inspiration, Trust & Love) will lead you to your desired outcome.

You best life, most fulling relationships, health, vitality, dream career, abundance of money and success in your work/biz is on the other side of your fear! Fears may seem real, but they are there to support you, to jolt you into knowing what it is like to be alive!

Instead of hiding from you fears today, decide to face them heart on!

Often we fear what we don’t understand…that is why it is so easy to separate yourself from those who have what you are disowning in yourself via judgment, comparison and competition.

What you want is on the other side of your fears…once you embrace them and engage in your life fully and with an open heart (willingness to feel the fear and show up to your dreams anyway!)…thats when your life transforms.

The thing is often the most loving thing to do along with your green juices and yoga classes, journalling and mediating is an oldie but a goodie; taking action!

I know for me, that despite all my fears, I have always been grateful for those moments I faced them head on, walked through the door and said yes to my dreams…really I was saying yes to me!

You deserve a life you love! But you gotta show yourself that you deserve it! You gotta invest your time, energy and money into what you truly want. I highly suggest start working with a coach, mentor or take a program that covers the area of your life you are avoiding/resisting/fearful of.

At the end of each day, it is either fear or love, the choices we make and the actions we take that are carving out our reality.

Are you going to be a person who keeps saying ‘I want x’ or are you going to be a person who is acting, thinking and being a person who says ‘I am x’?

Go make your mark on your world today with LOVE despite what scares the crap out of you!

The real deal in my life at the moment:
I know for me, I LOVE coaching, but the marketing, biz details, sales stuff I have judged as negative and not relevant for way to long (so many unconscious beliefs around money etc), I just want to help people period. But what I fear is only what I don’t understand and what I haven’t yet claimed and owned for myself. I don’t want what I love to be a hobbie, I want it to be a sustainable business that not only supports me but that also allows me to support more people. So instead of letting my fears stop me from going to the next level, I am embracing them and taking courses, getting amongst ‘the conversations’ that use to terrify me but now I find I am waking up excited to learn everyday and implement more into my life.

Now, over to you. Here is your call to action.
What 3 things have been avoiding in your life?

What action can you take to get things moving in your life?

If you don’t take action today, what will your life be like a year from now?

You can totally learn to face your fears with love. Instead of dreading what scares you, be inspired by the possibilities of your life.

Much love,
Ellena x

Complimentary Discovery Call
If you would love to work with me 1:1 to dive deeper into carving out the life you love; having a fulfilling and passionate relationship with your ‘H’ man, to stop your emotional eating cycle and cultivate a vibrant and healthy relationship with your body, health and food. Or perhaps you are ready to strengthen your self love muscle on a whole new level so you too can start to take your steps to truly doing what you love in the world.

Take up this call to action with a complimentary discovery call with myself to see how we could work together to give you the life you love this year, not in a year from now.

I wish you all the best, and hope you decide to let love determine your destiny.

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