Words alone will fail you
You can say it all you want but words without action and growth will only ever be lost dreams.

The real deal
Dreams require an inner mindset and energetic alignment along with action in your external world.

The bridge between all your ‘wanting’ and your actual ‘living’.
ACTION is the only thing that shows you and the world that you are claiming your worth and claiming what you truly do want.

As the epic Marie Forleo says; “there are two kinds of people in the world; those with reasons and those with results”.

Lived Dreams leave clues
I realised that all of the dreams I have already lived had things in common:
1. I felt connected to them deeply in my heart and soul
2. I didn’t know all the details at first but I always and continued to take the first step and the next step until I lived them out.
3. No matter how long they took to manifest, I always believed; in myself and that my dream was possible.
4. I took action. I made the calls, got a second job, said no to things, said yes to things, got mentored…I was on a mission. And then..
5. I let it go…of attachment that was. I didn’t ‘need’ my dreams to come true, rather, I was connected to the love and desire to live and experience them.

Love or need
The key is to believe from the inside-out; an inner and outer energetic union that it’s a done deal and that it’s just a matter to time. Why? Because if it’s a done deal, no need to be attached to it. If you are BEING the person (valuing yourself and valuing your dreams) who is living their dreams now you are in a space to RECEIVE your dreams.

If you don’t have the space for your dreams, there are still a few layers to work through and let go of to make the space for you to receive your dreams.

Secondary gain
A hard pill to swallow sometimes is that not living our dreams serves us. You can get more out of staying small than playing big. The shift happens when you bring awareness to this and what you are gaining out of not having the results you truly desire.

You gotta want it enough to see through your own B-Shit stories. Are you going to choose to survive from your story of ‘wanting’ or are you going to choose to thrive from ‘being and living’ your dream life.

I know, I get it
The thing is so much behaviour is unconscious. So many ‘stories’ and beliefs that drive our behaviours run deep, embedded in past perceptions of ourselves, others, and what we determine is possible in our lives, health, finances, business, careers and relationships.

That is why I found coaching and mentoring is so powerful in my own life and also in my clients lives.

To learn the ‘how’ and to have the support from those who have the results you desire.

“When you know better, you do better” -Maya Angelou

You are either growing or dying on the inside
For me I know I am holding back in an area of my life when I feel like crap; because when you are not growing, you are dying on the inside. The feeling of growth expands me, it lifts me up – high over my previous lack of self belief and it propels me into inspired action. The feeling of going in circles is a slow inner death of the spirit and it hurts! Who knows what i’m talking about?

The choice is yours
It only ever comes back to us and the choices we make day by day no matter what our circumstances are.

Will you continue to settle and go in circles with all the ‘reason’s why you can’t and why it won’t work out?
Will you choose to step up and grow into the person who respects herself enough to claim her truth and live her dream life?

The cost of playing small
What will it cost you and those around you if you continue to stay on the same path as you are on now; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually?

How bad do you really want to live a life you love?

Free Discovery Call
For those of you who are ready and willing to step up and claim your desires, you can take up my offer of a Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to see how we could work together to achieve your dreams.

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Much love,


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