You may have noticed I have been quiet on the blog this past week.

My sister and her boyfriend have been visiting for a few days and I been playing ‘tour guide’ and loving it!


This is us at the gorgeous ‘Porch n Parlour’ in North Bondi. FYI – try their Green Smoothie – Amazing!

While I showed them around Bondi Beach and Cape Cove, caught up over wine, nice dinners, lots of laughs, conversations and of course; games of Uno, at times I found myself feel guilty for not working. Not spending time writing on the blog or working on my creative projects.

I knew that I would take a few days off but I found it hard to completely unwind and sink into ‘doing nothing’. I fell back into the old trap of “I am what I do”.

The great thing about self awareness is that; all you need sometimes is to have awareness of something to experience a shift/aha moment/transformation. A shift from fear back to love.

Once I realised this, I started to give myself a break and remind myself that the perk of having my own business and working for myself is that you get to decide when you are ‘on’ and when you are ‘off’. I felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude that I am creating my ideal lifestyle and business.

While making my own decisions in my business stretches me like nothing else; it is the most rewarding gig I have ever had. It has been the most challenging but also the most nourishing and supportive gig I have ever had. Truly creating my day as I love to experience it; whether it is taking my work to a park or to a coffee shop to working from the comfort of home.

Allowing yourself to truly have time off and enjoy taking in the sights and chilling out is essential to giving your all when you are back ‘on’.

Where in your life, career, business, health regime or self talk is it time to give yourself a healthy dose of ‘time off’? It may just be your next best move!

Much love,

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