*Head’s up; this is a long post but definitely a juicy one!!!

I had a moment this week when things shifted. It felt like as soon as I decided, that was it. It was already a done deal. No ifs, buts…just a wholehearted decision to claim what I feel is true for me and let go of what is no longer aligned with how I want to live life.

The Background Story
For as long as I remember I have been consumed by my body – I have given my body shape, food, exercise and my weight so much power it would determine my worthiness and how I would feel day to day. I was born 11 Pounds so I grew up with the belief that I was naturally big, chubby and not a naturally ‘thin or slim’ person. I carried around that belief and the story that it was not my natural state for me to be slim for so many years. Hence, my beliefs (stories I believed to be true) and perception of myself was creating my reality (through actions I took and didn’t take).

I also emotionally ate most of my life. I didn’t know how to embrace my pain and emotions so I would eat them away with food. I would fill myself up with food anytime I felt lonely, scared, not good enough or sad. I would exercise occasionally but never fully committed.

There were only 2 times in my life I remember that I decided to really get fit and loose weight. And of course, I got results and felt great. Until I let it go and returned to my ‘normality’ of how I was use to living and seeing myself.

All other times, I was consumed by what I was eating, how much, how much I was exercising, telling myself I really should exercise etc.

The Journey back to love
Ever since I embarked consciously on the ‘self love’ journey over the past 2 years, my relationship with myself and my body has improved immensely.

It all started to shift when I brought awareness to my eating, behaviour and to my self talk.

It then shifted to a whole new level when I started to fully accept myself and my body. I started to observe my behaviour and self talk; dropping the judgments and embracing full acceptance of myself no matter what I was thinking or doing. This is definitely a game-changer in itself!

Although this was transformational and freeing emotionally and spiritually. I found I was still not showing up for what I felt to do for myself physically. I would still snack on junk food (Even though I didn’t’ feel too) and I would still hold back claiming what I knew was true in my heart. Basically I hadn’t yet decided how I truly wanted to feel; physically.

Claiming my desires: The Current Story
So this week, I drew the line in the sand and claimed my truth. I decided to say YES to me, to who I truly am and how I honestly want to feel.

Creating a life, body, relationship and business you would love is all about
1. Deciding what you want
2. Showing up to what you want
3. Let go of attachment to the outcome (basically taking aligned action out of the love for how you want to live life rather than the fear of not having what you want).

The Decision
I decided to get fit and loose weight. More importantly, I decided to give myself the gift of a healthy, fit and lighter body…not for any other reason but because this is how I truly would love to feel and enjoy my body in this lifetime of mine.

Don’t get me wrong, im not beating myself up or judging myself for my body exactly as it is. I am all about loving self talk and acceptance of yourself no matter what.

Cutting the Crap
But I am also about TRUTH! And I was totally bullshitting myself for so long, putting up with and settling for less than I truly felt I wanted in terms of my health, fitness and vitality. In other words: I wasn’t totally committed to my health which is simply a reflection showing me that I wasn’t totally committed to myself!

We accept the lives, bodies, jobs, finances etc that we are willing to receive ie; accept that which we believe we deserve!

Yes, I am an advocate of self love and acceptance of your self, thoughts and behaviours. But I am also an advocate for no-BS and LIVING YOUR TRUTH!

Lets dive deeper
How honest are you being with yourself in all areas of your life at the moment?

Have you truly decided yet what you would love to experience in your:

Creating a life you love is all about claiming how you truly, honestly, wholehearted would love to feel, live and experince life day to day.

Until you wholeheartedly decide, you can expect to continue on the up & down yo-yo roller-coaster of emotions, reasons why not and excuses.

Ever since I have decided to loose weight, get fit and feel my best…I have been eating much more consciously and for the first time in years I have committed to doing what I said I would do; Mon, Wed & Fri Beach Runs every week no matter what. And I feel great! I am loving my body exactly as it is right now and I am not attached to ‘needing’ results or ‘waiting’ for results to feel amazing now. It is all about LIVING and BEING how you want to FEEL now and today!

It is also interesting how the week is unfolding in other areas of my life; cutting out the BShit in my biz and really showing up like a pro in my life…its time people.

The stories we tell ourselves only keep us going in the same circles…decide to step up, cut the crap and tell yourself the truth! After all the truth sets you free!

Say yes to yourself, today!
If you would love to dive deeper into this topic and the areas in your life you are ready to cut the crap from and claim your truth, click here to book in your FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call with me to get started! With only 97 Days left this year, how are you going to choose to show up?

I have just opened up space for 8 new clients in my 3 Month Coaching Program…which will take you right up to the end of the year! The is no perfect time to create change, only ever now.

Much love,
Ellena x

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