A big theme in my life at the moment is continuing to choose to show up for my dreams rather than let my fears determine my destiny.

But that doesn’t mean I am fearless.
I get totally consumed by my thoughts, and fears too! I hold back at times instead of stepping up to the plate. I doubt myself and whether my dream business will sustain me for the rest of my life. Just because I am a professional life coach and spiritual mentor, doesn’t mean I am perfect and my life is perfect. It is enriching, fulfilling, scary, joyful, loving and also painful..just like everyone else.

Willingness to progress is far more powerful than waiting for perfection.
I am not perfect my any means but I am definitely all about embracing progress and I believe my ‘willingness’ to journey within, to ‘feel’ into my pain and emotions and do the work day by day has gotten me to where I am today.

The thing that stopped me for so long was wanting the fear to go away before I started a project, signed up to do life coaching training or before I went on that first date.

I wanted to be ‘perfect, whole and totally ok’ before I was able to step through the door.

Then I got real with myself and with life…with all of it not just the pretty parts.

Everything is in equal balance.
This is because, where there are desires there is also an equal amount of fear! So what I continue to do to live my best life and create a life and business I love is to…face and embrace my fears.

New level, hello fear!
Anytime we get to a new level in life, a new stage in our business, a new phase of intimacy in our relationships, or even a new space of health, wellness, self love and vitality…fear is inevitable.

Your experience of life however, depends on what you do with that fear.

6 Steps to move through resistance

So here are 6 tips to support you whenever you find yourself resisting that next level in life:

1. Get support from those around you; loved ones and/or a coach. Preferably those who have the results you are seeking. We all thrive when we have our cheerleader team around us – this includes our own inner cheerleader too!)

2. Continue so choose the attitude of ‘I can handle this’ when all the ‘what if’s’ show up. This simple mantra shifts you from a space of hopelessness to personal power (this was a memorable insight from the great book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers!)

3. Live, practice and cultivate a life of living in the present moment. This is the the number one way to transform any area of your life…be present to what is. In presence, you are focused and where you focus goes, energy flows. You energy will either be spent and consumed by your fears or your power to create what you love in the moment.

4. Get outside your comfort zone. Accept that all that you desire is on the other side of your comfort zone. To live a life we love requires us to get use to being uncomfortable, stretching ourselves, embracing progress and growth over perfection. Look at your life as it is now; chances are it reflects your current level of comfort.

5. Practice essential self care! Set yourself up to succeed by nurturing yourself; physically, emotionally & spirituality. When you are loving yourself you are more likely to continue to do more things you love, rather than settle for less.

6. Decide. Decide what kind of life you are choosing to live and create. Its ok if you want to settle and be comfortable and safe. No problems. But if you are complaining about why me, why is this not working out for me or not happening for me…then that is when you can choose to reclaim back your personal power rather than remain helpless.

For extra inspiration, check out the ‘Just do it’ Vlog or sign up for the FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call I have on offer to support you to take your life to the next level.

Much love,

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