Something totally dropped in for me recently.

I love earning and spending money on things I most value.

My lifestyle, relationship, health, and family are my top values…I love living where I live, I love having the freedom to do what I love when I want to, I love to spend quality time with myself (coffee shop & laptop/beach) and I love to spend quality time with my family.

So I naturally use my money with what I value the most.

The thing is for so long I haven’t valued saving or building wealth. Yes I attain money but I use it for my the things I love. I thought I wasn’t naturally a money/financial/wealthy kind of person…I always thought of myself as a peoples person/spiritual person/ all about humanity and making a difference in the world. Which is all well and good because they feel true for me. But the thing is by labeling myself as those things, I neglected to value my own ‘wealth and finances’ as just as important as my relationships with my loved ones, friends and clients.

Which is awesome now that I have an awareness of it. I can have both! I can value relationships, lifestyle, health and wealth equally. This is such a big shift for me because I have been avoiding learning about ‘money and finances’ and really digging deep into my money blocks/stories for a long time…but thats ok too…because where your void may be (Relationships, health, career or perhaps money) is where your bucket of gold awaits you.

Our blind spot (that thing in our lives we can’t see or choose not to be able to see consciously) is where our greatest gifts await us.

Life first whispers to us, but eventually it will turn up the volume in order for us to wake up and truly face those areas of our lives that we are working so hard to avoid, ignore and resist.

So what are you valuing most in your life?
Where are your voids/blind spots?

Turn around and face what you have been resisting for so long…you just may be pleasantly surprised by how your life unfolds from doing so.

If you would love support on your journey to living your dream life emotionally, spiritually and financially, schedule your FREE 30 minute skype or phone call with me today so you can dive deeper and have greater awareness about yourself and your life and move forward with a ‘whole’ lot more love, inspiration, awareness, personal power and options in your life.

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Much love,
Ellena x

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