This feels juicy, life-changing and refreshing already and I haven’t even gotten into it yet. For me this post is all about authenticity, wholeheartedness and freedom…free to peel back the layers and open up about a part of my life that I haven’t shared before. I know how much fear, judgment, shame and avoidance I have had around money in my life and my wish for you is you are able to take the first steps to creating the shifts you are yearning for in your life around money, finances and abundance.

Lets do this…

As you may see, I don’t often talk about money or my experiences with money. I love talking about relationships, doing what you love and following your heart but I don’t tend to cover to dive deeper in money and finances. But I realised lately that I have had so many blocks and barriers against discussing it openly, getting honest with myself and others and I felt to start sharing this with you all.

So many times in my life, situations have manifested where I had so much shame around money, not having enough, borrowing money from my loved ones…not feeling ‘safe, whole and secure’ in myself and my finances. I always had excuses and reasons, but deep down I knew I wasn’t being totally honest with myself.

I have been that spiritual person for a long time ‘money doesn’t matter’… ‘people matter’…and while money is not the be all and end all, it still plays a significant role in our daily lives and gives us the opportunity to empower ourselves with more options and choices to live our best life and make a difference in the world. I used to judge rich people, us and them mentality, really I was judging that in others which I had not fully embraced and accepted in myself. I was separating myself from something that was true for me so it was easier to judge and put others with money down so I could build myself up. Sounds crazy but that’s the ego and it’s many games in life: either building ourselves up or tearing ourselves down in comparison to others.

I wasn’t respecting money, instead I was scared of it (sounds crazy I know), I have had so much fear about truly looking at my bills, expenses and my university debt over the years…I felt ‘they would be taken care of’ without me really showing up, nurturing them and embracing them fully and openly with love instead of fear.

Like anything, the first step to transformation is always awareness. Bringing consciousness to your finances is the first step in creating sustainable and long-lasting change around them.

Like anything, our health, our relationships, our homes…money still comes back to either love or fear.

What is your primary focus with money: (FYI -this can be related to anything in your life, not just money)

FEAR: lack of, not having enough, ignoring, disregarding & scarcity? Fear & money is all about resistance.
LOVE: appreciation, trusting, grateful, honesty, respect and more than enough? Love & Money is all about embracing.

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”. Wayne Dyer. Hence, the space you are with your money fearful or loving, is what you will attract more of. The good news, is this can change!

So you may want more money, or to have a more comfortable, open and honest relationship with money but until you start to truly show up and face your finances, things won’t start to change.

Even money is here to help us evolve and wake up as conscious human beings.

I know there are so many books out there and concepts of manifesting…so trust yourself of what you are guided to learn more about and from whom.

For me, ever since I have started to have more honest conversations around money with my loved ones, and embraced the emotions that arise within me around money, I have started to open up to learning more about it and most of all: seeing money as another opportunity to choose love over fear and see it as self love: the opportunity to nourish myself, financially.

What I have come to know for myself is: How I respect all areas of my life is how much I am choosing to respect myself. We spend money on what we most value for ourselves, so if you would like more money to do more things you love…start to value yourself more first, because the more you value you, the more you will create in your life to reflect that of yourself!

Here are 7 Steps to help you get started with your self- love & money journey.
1. Get honest with yourself with your relationship with money and your finances
2. Embrace your emotions and triggers around money
3. Practice appreciating all that is rather than focusing on all that is not.
4. Follow you gut instinct to what people, books or programs you are guided to, to help support you on your journey to living a life of abundance.
5. Continue to practice self love in all areas of your life, the more love you feel for yourself will naturally ripple over to other areas of your life
6. Value what you have to offer to others with your gifts/talents/skills.
7. RECEIVE…be open to allow money and opportunities for you to give value to come into your life.

Would you love support to embracing your self-love & money journey? Take the first step and sign up for your FREE 30 minute coaching call with myself.

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With love,
Ellena x

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