I listened to a great blog interview with two of my fav peeps yesterday: Connie Chapman & Julie Parker . They were talking self love & all things life.

It was such a powerful interview and I soaked it all in. It got me thinking alot. I totally believe that our lives reflect how much we love, appreciate, value and respect oursevles. But for me, some areas of my life come more naturally to me to focus on than others. I totally devote myself to my relationship and creativity but have had a tendency to avoid my finances and foundations of my business. But ever since I have gotten totally honest with myself and started to embrace and face things that used to scare me…things have started to shift.

There is nothing more transformational than awareness. It is the first step to changing anything and hence, we avoid it at all costs sometimes. What scares us most often is what we do not understand. Hence our relationship or finances, or health tends to stay the same until something jolts us into action, or perhaps gets worse in order to wake us up!

So take a look at your life: is love (embracing, respecting & nourishing) or fear (avoiding, ignoring & dismissing) creating your reality?

Fitness & Vitality
Money & Finances
Intimate Relationship/s

Which areas do you feel are naturally ‘effortless’ for you to love, nourish and respect?

How much are you truly loving, nourishing and respecting yourself in these areas?

Which areas do you tend to avoid, ignore, lack respect and honestly around?

What would it mean to you to truly love and nurture all areas of your life? How differently would you be living?

What will it mean if you keep going down the same path you have always been on?

What is the easiest thing you can start to do to bring more love, nourishment and respect to your life?

What your resist, persists. What you face and embrace, creates space!

The beautiful thing about life is that you don’t have to go through it alone. Start conversations with your friends, ask your partner, ask your coach, or take up my offer and schedule your FREE 30 minute coaching call.

The important first step is always awareness. Because, with clarity comes confidence. You are able to fully embrace yourself and your life and reclaim back your power to continue to create they love and business you love.

Remember, the second best thing to awareness is acceptance. Accept exactly how you have been showing up rather than continuing the cycle of judgment. Love and accept yourself no matter what realisaitons you have had with these questions.

Much love,
Ellena xx

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