How you choose to ‘spend’ your time is ultimately creating the quality of your life.

Business, relationships, your home, health, finances and your lifestyle all reflect the ‘quality’ of resources (time, money, energy, attention) you put into them.

Sounds basic and simple perhaps…but have you ever really taken a closer look at what, where and with whom you invest your precious time?

I was reminded of this on the weekend. I spent the last few days with my family and friends back in my hometown of Brisbane and I felt overflowing with love and appreciation all weekend. Whenever my birthday rolls around (I turned 28 yesterday) I become quite reflective of life and intentionally take a look at how fully I have lived my life up until this point.

But no matter what I have experienced in life, I still believe ‘it’s the people you meet along the way’ that make this journey so special!

I felt so alive and fulfilled all weekend. I was sharing tea, meals, conversations, scrabble games, walks, coffees and my mama’s delicious home- made strawberry cheesecake with the people I love and adore. I caught up with friends that I hadn’t seen in months and I spent cherished moments with my love and my family. We talked, and talked some more, we laughed and then laughed some more, we held space for one another to open up our hearts and share our hopes, our joys, our dreams, our fears and our tears with each other. In other words – we spent ‘quality’ time with each other.

It definitely reminded me that where, what and with whom I choose to give my energy, attention and love too ultimately gives back to me ten-fold. Abundance flows from authenticity and wholeheartedness. When you are being yourself and bringing your all (aka: quality over quantity) you are naturally in the flow of giving and receiving and hence are in a space of abundance.

It’s totally up to you of course how you choose to spend your time. But perhaps, take a look and see where you are choosing to be unavailable for all things and people you love instead of being open, available and present to them. Perhaps you are not seeing ‘results’ or experiencing the depth of connection you desire in your current relationships, business or health because you are not truly giving ‘quality’ time, resources and energy to them.

Where there is love, there is life. Where you choose to spend your time, creates your life. Hence, living a life you love requires nurturing and nourishment.

Invest wisely and with love, always and in all ways.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “The quality of your time

  1. totally agree! the grass is greener where we water it. i just wrote a similar post, particularly related to the role social media plays in wasting our time, and hindering our relationships.. might be of interest to you.

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