Igniting your Creativity

How you do love to express yourself creatively?

Creativity is our lifeforce flowing through us onto that canvas, through our words, our ability to entertain or to teach, to dance, to sing, to parent, or when we are making love, cooking and even laughing…creativity is everywhere. It is when we are most free…lost in the moment, totally wrapped up and consumed by what we love.

I love to write, you may know this by now given all my blog posts. I know I tend to write long posts, I honestly get swept up in the moment and feel like the words are writing themselves. I totally move out the way and get lost and taken over by this feeling that desires to be expressed and shared on the pages of my website.

Although I love to write, committing to it everyday sometimes isn’t easy. Whenever I feel like I am ‘forcing’ myself to produce a blog post, my body tightens up and resists letting anything out. Its as if I have nothing to say, which seems crazy because my heart is bubbling over with so much to share with you all.

But anything great also requires space. Space to breathe and space to marinate. So working from home these past few weeks in my Business full time has been a dream come true. It has also shown me that I at my best creatively when I am fresh, inspired and connected.

After writing my first eBook last week which was a blast, (to get your copy, you can sign up to my newsletter list and it’s all yours!) I felt I was empty afterwards. I had given my all to it and felt I needed to give myself and my writing some space before I started over again.

I find that simply packing up my laptop, grabbing the picnic rug and heading outside somewhere does the world of good. This past week, I started a new project (Stay tuned!) and i’ve been getting busy behind the scenes in the Business more than ever. Hence, I felt I needed to switch things up stay in my creative flow.

viewfrom park
This was me, setting up shop in the park across the road from me, I wrote 3000 words sitting here for an hour and a half. They just poured out of me and it got dark very quickly. It was beautiful, fulfilling and a great reminder about the best way to ignite my creative spark.

The thing is, it is always there, our creative side is always within us, it is just about moving ourselves out of our own way and creating space for it to be born, birthed and brought to life!

Looking to ignite your creative spark?

Get inspired, create a fresh environment and get outside amongst mother nature – she is the most creative of all!

It may not be that you lack creative ideas, it may just be your time to switch things up a little.

Much love,
Ellena x

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