What I know for sure is that when I continue to open my heart even when it is so much easier to stay closed or want to retreat…it is in this space of opening, of vulnerability & of honesty that I grow the most.

We have the opportunity to expand and rise up to meet a fuller version of who we truly are by choosing to open our hearts even when we don’t want to.

I had one of those mornings, ‘knowing’ what to do and ‘how’ to do it…but there was so much resistance to let go and open up my heart fully. I wanted to crawl under the covers and not face and fully embrace the experience.

Like this morning, there always comes a point where you get to choose…to stay small or to live larger. Whether you accept this as the next cracking open moment or you continue to hide and play your old games.

How can we ever learn, be reminded of our fullest potential and feel our next best move if we are not willing to look in mirror?

After opening up and sharing my heart with a person I love and trust, I was able to see how this was exactly what I was meant to go through to break through to that next level. Sometimes a storm or ‘chance of rain’ comes along to shake us up and wake us up at the perfect moment.

Ironically, I have had signs to slow down over the past few days and felt to have certain conversations that I was avoiding…but of course, I was working on a big creative project (those on my newsletter list know what I am talking about) and totally rejected these signs as I was in my ‘creative zone’ (and loving it by the way). It then of course wasn’t until I was cooking dinner last night and cut half my nail off (ok a quarter but damn it don’t look so pretty nor does it feel good!) that I saw that everything around me was calling me to take some time out to get honest, open my heart and center myself again. Even when we are doing what we love, it is still important to take some time out, reset and recenter. It is when we don’t listen to the whispers of our heart and soul, that sometimes life ends up screaming at us or shakes things up in our physical world so that we pay attention.

What came from this has led to some great changes and ideas in my business and in other areas of life. I had huge Aha moments and feel so much more grounded…hopefully next time it won’t take me to get to ’empty’ (love tank) and my finger to be cut for me to look in the mirror and share my hearts truth sooner. Either way, I now have a new reference point for the power of things getting shook up in the world around us that helps us reset and take that next best move.

Much love,
Ellena x

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