What if you thought was the problem is only the surface of the story?

What if this ‘problem’ continues to manifest in your life until you really stop and face it front on.

“What we resist; persists and what we face; creates space”.

By respecting your perceived ‘problem’…you are able to stop, sit, get still long enough and truly feel into what this is really about.

What if ‘the solution’ was not about more hustle, what if it was about remembering to trust yourself and trusting the process that is unfolding through your life story at the moment.

It may be a number of things, the point is to pay attention to it and allow yourself to soften into it.

There is always a gift awaiting you in your perceived limiting beliefs and problems. You just gotta show up to them as much as you show up to your creative ideas.

I love this quote from Ghaz Lowe “What is happening in your life is happening for you, not too you”.

Everything in life is designed to wake us up that little bit more so that we bring more awareness to who we are being while we are going about all that we do.

Creating a life you love is all about conscious living. Embrace your current ‘stories’ and ‘circumstances’ as they are perfectly designed to help stretch you and help you to connect with yourself on a deeper, more enriching and fulfilling level. It is from this ‘space’ that you drop into, that you begin to create and carve out more of your dreams, passions and desires.

Keep taking the path one step at a time, creating space to receive and live out our dreams by embracing ‘all’ that is in front of you right now.

Much love,
Ellena x

If you would love support on your journey to deepen the connection with who you truly are and to create more space for your dreams, make sure you take up the offer and schedule your complimentary 30 Minute Mentoring Call with me.
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