By starting with the smaller things and following through to completion, we lend ourselves to creating space to receive the bigger things in life.

Case in point: I haven’t always been the most organised and tidy person. Anyone who knows me well has seen clothes and other belongings on my floor many times. I have also had this lifelong habit of not closing the lid on the toothpaste. Then there is also leaving the shampoo lid open and whenever I would cook, I’d leave all the ingredients out on the bench well after eating. It as tasty but it was chaotic!

Despite all this, I have secretly envied clean, organised and tidy people my whole life; but I would continue to shrug my shoulders and let myself off the hook with the excuse; ‘it doesn’t matter’. And yes while I can easily blame my mother for these bad habits (Learned by observation). It was still ‘my choice’ and my behaviour that was creating my experience. While these aren’t necessarily ‘bad’ things…they were still things in my physical world that were reflecting back to me what was going on inside of me and therefore happening in other areas of my life.

These somewhat ‘small’ habits around the house that I would easily dismiss with; “it doesn’t matter, its only toothpaste” or “at least the food is yummy”…were reflecting back to me other areas of my life that I would make excuses for and easily dismiss. Emails I hadn’t finished, 1000’s of emails still in my inbox not deleted or filed (I am seriously signed up to too many lists lol), and especially the one thing that was holding me back in my business and doing more of what I love….not finishing creative projects. Yep, I have started my ebook so many times, written out projects and e-courses in my notebook so many times…but I didn’t always follow through with editing and publishing them. I kept holding myself back and playing small. I didn’t have enough space to experience and receive what I truly loved because I wasn’t allowing it space to exist in my life.

But here is the kicker:everything matters. I first heard Marie Forleo say this in her ebook and also from one of my mentors Amir Zoghi. Although I have heard this many times over the past few years, it has taken me a while to truly value, respect and appreciate that everything does indeed matter. By respecting the physical world around us, we are respecting our selves. So if your physical world is a mess, chances are your inner world is trying to tell you something.

I have truly embraced this lesson: I am currently enjoying the feeling of creating a loving and beautiful (aka organised and tidy) home, wallet, desktop (the list goes on) and I am also following through and finalising creative projects. Not only am I loving the process, but I feel so much more love, respect and value for myself because of it (and that is the real point of all of it!).

For so long I took ‘living in the flow’ way to woo-woo. “It feels good” – that’s all that mattered to me. But we didn’t come here to to only know what feels good…we came here to create and experience what feels good!

So I invite you to take a look at your physical world at the moment:
Where are you not following through?
Where are you not going through with the entire ‘flow’ of life?
Where can you start to create order and balance in your physical world so that you too can begin to carve out your dream life from the inside-out today?

Remember, Everything has its place…otherwise it is taking up space (What a great tweet if I do say so myself). Start with the small things and follow through; one cupboard, draw, desk, project at time!

Remember also that the point of all this is to accept yourself and your habits exactly as they are and to make changes and different choices with love not because you now tell yourself you are unworthy if your room is messy. Self love is reflected in all things we do and more importantly; who we are being while we do them. Hence, create with love and for the love of the way you feel because of it!

ps. to keep you on track and in the zone of inspiration…head on over to my new page appropriately named ‘Inspiration’ where you can download for free the Love, Purpose & Freedom Manifesto I created for everyone.

Love, Purpose & Freedom Manifesto

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