Do you ever experience overwhelm, confusion, stress, doubt?

I find especially in times of immense change and growth, my mind is quick to be consumed rather than being present with what is in front of me. I have recently been diving heart first back into my blog and business and I feel more alive and connected than I have in a while. Rising up and showing up for what I love. For me, I know what I love but over the years it has been about breaking through the limiting beliefs and self doubt and to give birth to my dreams.

Knowing what you love is one thing… but LIVING what you love is what it is all about!

Although I know what I love to do, it is not until I immerse myself in it and give myself the space, time and energy to create it, that I feel my soul is on fire and my heart is ablaze with the essence of what it really means to be alive and to truly live.

When I am coaching, writing, speaking, creating…I feel so ‘me’. I feel like I am doing what I was born to do. But trust me, I resisted it for a long time. I did 6 long hard years at uni, all the while in the last 3 years I knew deep down that there was something else, that yes I was passionate about life coaching, spirituality and personal development but how could that possibly be my career, I was only 22. But I couldn’t deny it any longer. My body knew what I loved. Law felt heavy, even counselling felt heavy…but as soon as I was in my bubble reading about living your best life, intuition and self actualisation – it was if I and the world around me disappeared. I was so present that time would disappear. My body felt light! I slowly but surely learnt to trust my gut instinct and began to follow it.

What is it that makes you feel inspired and alive?

What sets your heart ablaze and ignites the depths of your soul?

What are you doing when time disappears?

We all have things that make us feel ‘ourselves’ and we all have the calling of our hearts desires embedded in the blueprint of our souls. It is called love. The journey of life is really about letting our love out.

Letting that stirring soulful beating sensation within us out into our life. To be expressed and experienced in the form of relationships, vitality, freedom, our lifestyle, art, creativity, finances, business, careers…in all the ‘roles’ that we play in our game of life.

Our inside world projects onto our external world. Hence, if you are feeling that your current life or lifestyle no longer represents what you are feeling to be true and authentic on the inside…then you know its time to evolve, to let go of the old you and make room for the new you to emerge and birth those big, wild and wonderful dreams of yours.

For me, my intuition always knows my truth…it just takes a little bit of time (aka a whole lot of courage!) to shut up the voices and to trust the gut feeling over the ‘shoulds’ ‘need to’s & the most limiting ‘how is that possible/how is that going to happen’.

Over the years, I have trusted and followed my gut instinct more and more and it has payed off. I ended relationships that weren’t making my heart sing, I left jobs and opportunities behind that ‘looked good’ but I knew were not what I truly desired.

The thing is we always know. It’s just about continuing to take it one step, one day at a time. Each day, leaning into what lights us up and leaving behind what weighs us down. It’s about 1 step at a time..backing ourselves, trusting our intuitive whispers and saying yes to our hearts yearning for our dream life.

We are destined to get lost, to loose our way, to get off track and have no freaking idea at times. Our higher self still has our back in those times. It’s like the movies…the hero’s journey. Hope, possibilities, talent & passion, then barriers, hardships and roadblocks…until the end when the main character breaks through their inner battle and transcends their perceived blocks to live limitlessly.

We are all living our own movie scripts (no wonder why I love movies). We are all actors in our own motion picture. We are all seeking to live a life that honour’s our hearts calling and souls’ truth. While many people play the various characters of good, evil, helpful, lovers, heart-breakers, children, clients, investors etc…it still comes down to us.

The role we play everyday creates our world. The words we say, the choices we make, the thoughts we think and believe are all writing our script.

So why wouldn’t you create and live a life you love?
Why would you continue to put up with that relationship, job, lack of energy rather than rise up and meet your higher self, your intuition (which is always guiding us) and own your life, own your character and decide for yourself what life you will be living?

You are the only one who can give yourself what you love, & You are the only one holding you back.

It always comes back to us…When we start to take ownership of our life, we are free to decide and to embrace all of it, rather than waiting for someone to show up and hand us our prize or medal – we have designed the hero’s journey of life because it is so much more rewarding and worthwhile in the end. The peaks and the valleys are what makes life juicy and an adventure. Just as you reach the next peak, there too is another valley to venture through, onward to the next peak.

One of the most transformational processes to embrace on any journey you are on is to be present to exactly what you are experiencing. Take it one step, one moment, one hour and one day at a time.

What can you do today to make you feel more alive and aligned with what you love?

Eventually those single days will add up and you will see your life start to shift and transform and different opportunities manifest and present themselves to you.

Take it one day at a time and you will start to experience more of who you truly are.

Much love,
Ellena x

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