Not everyone wants to swallow this pill but here it is…there is no quick fix! No easy answer, no easy path…there is no getting around doing the ‘inner work’.

There is a journey and only a journey.

Each time you ‘arrive’ at a certain stage in your life, perhaps you met your future husband, increased your fitness, quit your day job and are working in your dream business…it passes by.

‘This too shall pass’.

The storm will pass, the bad hair day will pass, this heartbreak will pass, this joyful moment will also pass (to make room for the next joyful moment of course).

What I mean by this is that we are all moving along in one extended moment…it’s all there for us in this wild and beautiful life of ours.

The point is to embrace the present moment.

Embrace exactly where you are and exactly what you are experiencing right now.

Embrace the pain, embrace the yearning, embrace the calling, embrace the fears, doubts and the truth too.

Life is a blank canvas for your soul to create upon. It is your drawing board, your masterpiece…at times it will blank, at times it will be wild and free, at times it will be colourful or perhaps dark and shaded…the point it is your masterpiece, a creation that moves through various moments along a journey.

Like art, life is about embracing the unknown, taking it one step at a time, not always knowing what it will look like in the end but trusting in your heart and soul that you will be guided about what direction to take next and also trusting your inner knowing. Knowing that it’s a done deal in a way, that you dreams, your inner feelings that are yearning to emerge out into your life are there to be let out and let free.

It’s when we embrace the journey that we feel like we are constantly arriving, because, there is no where else to be but here, in this experience, in this conversation, in this word, in this decision, in this tear, in this body.

It is only when we embrace exactly who we are in this moment and embrace our life exactly as it is in this moment that we are free to move forward and create the new.

We only ever want to be ‘there’ or ‘anywhere but here’ and take that quick fix pill when we are avoiding facing our truth…our pain. The pain and hurt that we aren’t even sure of, hence we fear it. We fear it is bigger than us. We fear it is bigger than what we can handle. Therein is the lie and what our ego (which fights to keep us small, safe and limited) continues to feed us in thoughts.

The truth will always set you free…eventually you will be grateful for your pain. Eventually you will see how perfect your pain was for you along your journey to awaken to who your truly are and embrace who you truly are.
For without ALL of it, you would not be ALL OF YOU!

You pain and your hurt is happening for you, not too you. When you accept that it is there and gift yourself the time, space and support to truly embrace it you will set yourself free.

But until then, you will continue to use the pain to keep you playing small and safe because you are not ready to embrace your truth, the full power that is within you. Nothing wrong with that at all by the way.

It is all about awareness, at least be honest with yourself of why you are not willing to dive into it…perhaps you are not feeling worthy or deserving of a bigger game in life? Of receiving that which you love. Perhaps you won’t feel like you belong or will be accepted or approved of from those around you (Friends, families, colleagues) if you let this go and have nothing that is holding you back. Perhaps there is safety in playing the small game and holding back from your truth worth and power.

It is all part of the journey though. So if you are finding that you are getting something out of holding back and not diving deeper within yourself – simply accept that. Accept that is part of your journey that your higher self designed for you to experience. Beating yourself up for it is just entertaining the ego even more. Acceptance is the path to freedom. Then comes showing up to what is true for you and what you love. But first we must accept; accept all of our selves and all that is and has been before we can receive what is yet for us.

There is no way around it…only through it. The ironic thing is our mind (thoughts) convinces us that we can’t, that it is not possible or it will hurt too much…but once you truly embrace your emotions, and allow them to be released you will be surprised by your own power and how much easier it was than you initially thought.

The inner work is the path to creating and living a life you love. You must first let go of who you are not before you can truly show up and receive who you truly are.

You are the only person holding you back. No one is going to give you your dream, you gotta be the one that claims it and the one that says a wholehearted YES!

Remember this is not about judgment, rather; the transformational power that is awareness.

Awareness is our greatest source of freedom. Start to become the observer of your emotions, thoughts and decisions and you will start to see where your ego is ruling your game rather than you consciously creating all that you desire and know to be true in your heart and soul.

Personally for me, once I accepted the journey of it all, so many things shifted and I started to love myself despite what was happening in my business, in my relationships, in my health and finances. I saw that I was so much more than what was showing up in my ‘story’. Once I was able to reclaim back my power from those external things defining who I was, I was then able to consciously create my life on a whole new level and embrace my power even more.

I now know if I am experiencing it, then that is the perfect experience for me in that moment. Why be anywhere else but in the perfect moment and in the perfect experience – isn’t that what we are all searching and yearning for anyway? Joy, fulfilment….love!

Love is free of judgment. Hence acceptance of and surrender to the present moment of ‘what is’ will set you free and lead you along your path to creating and living a life you love.

Much love,

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