Seeking more clarity and connection to your heart’s truth?

Look no further than the power of getting still!

I know I certainly feel so much more myself and free when I am clear, certain and connected with my authentic self…it feels light, easy, effortless and as if you are ‘flowing’ through your day. I am open and expansive and as a result; creative ideas and opportunities seem to ‘appear’.

On the flip-side…I also know when I am not being honest with myself, when I am not allowing myself to get still and quiet enough to allow my truth to speak louder than my uncertainty…I feel heavy, irritable, grumpy & moody.I basically shut down and close off my heart. Everything then becomes hard and effort-full.

Welcome to the power of presence and stillness.

It is when we are present to the moment now that we are infinite. We are open to endless ideas, opportunities and possibilities. We are curious rather than confused, we are open rather than closed, we are in a space and state of love rather in a space of fear.

It is when we are present that the power of stillness provides all that we require in that moment.

It’s as if you mind, body & soul are given a break from your ego (consumed with identity and self image).
Its like a big breath of fresh air.
Its fulfillment.
It’s everything we are actually seeking in our external world and the thing we often forget is that we have 24/7 access to it!

My life started to transform once I gave myself more ‘space’ (aka stillness). I embraced the power of stillness and in-turn, I was able to harness my truth and live from a space of certainty, clarity and a deeper wholehearted, authentic and infinite connection with who I really am.

What use to trigger me, no longer did. What use to scare me, no longer did. What use to hold me back from doing what I love, no longer did. Why?

Because it was in the moments of stillness and bringing the ‘space’ of presence to all that I do (conversations, blogs, driving, eating, exercise, my relationships, finances etc) that gave me the extra fuel of clarity and connection to not only get clear on my truth but more importantly; to then continue to make decisions aligned with my heart and LIVE MY TRUTH.

Often, all it takes is awareness. You don’t even need to make that call or make your next move, the pure power of awareness hits you like a lightening bolt of ‘aha’ or a wholehearted ‘yes, that’s it!’.

This morning, gosh you should have seen me. I was all over the place, lost, confused, feeling grumpy..just ‘not myself’…so after my workout, I sat still on my towel overlooking the water. I closed my eyes and connected with my breath. I allowed myself to simply be with my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions. I surrendered to them, I allowed them to be without needing to change any of them.

It was in this space that I then asked, why? Without needing to know an answer, I continued to allow myself to be in the unknown of it all and then a sudden ‘aha’ moment dropped in. It was if my body, mind and soul were back in alignment and back in sink…’I just knew’ what was going on and why I was feeling so confused and irritable.

By getting still I was able to create more space for what I love and to show up for what I love with a deeper sense of connection and appreciation.

So the next time you are feeling all over the place and confused, try these simple steps to stillness:
– Get into a comfortable cross legged position or lay down
– Make sure you won’t be interrupted
– Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Simply follow your breath in and out, and continue to breath deeper and deeper (From the belly).
– Allow yourself to simply observe your thoughts and emotions that arise within you.
– If you feel to ask a question…go ahead, otherwise simply be led and see what comes up for you.

You’ll often find you drop into a space of ‘nothingness’ where you and your world seem to disappear…it is here that you simply feel peaceful, whole and expansive. Let go and surrender yourself over to the inner peace you feel and enjoy the ride!

Much love,
Ellena x

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