Walking into the unknown is like creating a piece of artwork…it can be inspiring, moving, frustrating, scary, passionate, thrilling, creative, and requires a whole lot of heart.

Why? Because starting a new path, a new chapter is not always easy. Walking into the unknown is like walking into a dark corridor, relying solely on the light within you to guide you. To let go of ‘knowing’ and ‘controlling’ what will unfold and instead connect with your truth, your intuition and allow the feeling to guide you one step at a time.

I recently experienced this when I moved myself down to Bondi Beach, Sydney. I love the ocean and although I have lived in Byron Bay before, I always knew I wanted to live close to the beach again. I took these pics on some of my morning walks between Bondi and Bronte. Ahh such beauty, power and simply pure joy!



After Byron bay, I returned to my hometown of Brisbane for 1 year and it was after I attended the WTF Event (See info below) last year that I got really honest with myself about what I felt was true for me and what I really wanted in my life and how I really wanted to live. So although I knew I wanted to live by the beach, intially I assumed it would be the sunshine or gold coast, considering my life was set up in Brisbane. However, by letting of having to make it happen and know the when and the how, I stayed connected to the feeling that was calling me to live by the beach. I continued to connect to the feeling of’the love I had to live by the ocean’. As a result, months passed and my life story unfolded to give me an opportunity to move down to Bondi.

I felt to share this with you all because I know how scary and overwhelming the unknown can be. You may be experiencing the unknown in your life with a new relationship or perhaps newly single, looking for a new job, quitting your last job, travelling, selling up everything…whatever it may be; embracing the unknown is a unique experience for us all.

While everything is constantly changing in life, it is often the big decisions or what feels like big shifts in how we live our lives that fear can easily creep in and hijack our hearts truth and our true desires to live a life we love. So to support you on your journey, I felt to share with you how I continue to embrace the unknown and live a life I love.

Stay connected

While your head may be busy going in all directions, it is important to stay connected and grounded to your truth. To quieten your mind and listen to the feeling of what you love in order to continue to embark on your journey one step at a time. Over the first few days, to ground myself I continued to do things I loved and that helped me to connect to the moment and myself.

I walked, I went to yoga class, I cooked, and I meditated.

All of these things helped to support me to stay connected and present to the moment, to quieten my monkey mind going crazy trying to convince me I was gonna ‘fail’ at this new move and inspired me to feel a full heart of appreciation for having the courage to follow through with my feeling rather than stay limited to ‘what I know to be safe’ in my old life.

As a result, I was a lot more centered and opportunities have already unfolded effortlessly to support my lifestyle here.

Appreciation transforms fear.

Because when you are in a space of appreciation, you are connected to your heart and the present moment, you focus on what you love and feel literally ‘full’ of love. And it is from this space that you will continue to create and manifest even more loving experiences in your path.

Other tips
– Take it one day at a time
– Do what you love…paint, write, chat, cook, yoga…
– Connect with nature…it expands you and puts everything in perspective
– Take it one step at a time
– Be kind to yourself, accept exactly what you feel and what processes may arise for you out of this new experience
– There are no rules. Accept and allow yourself to experience whatever you are experiencing.

So many people fail to take those leaps of faith because they are not comfortable walking into the unknown. I get it, it aint’ always easy, but it is always worth it. It is only when you enter the unknown blinded by the dark that you really get to know who you truly are – you let your light, the light within you shine your path and light up the steps one at a time.

To follow the feeling of your heart is to know what it really means to be alive!

After all “you were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? ~ Rumi.

Often the only thing that stops you from living your truth and a life you truly love is not being willing to walk into the unknown, to just take that very first step!

It is the unknown that magic unfolds through you. If you don’t ever give it a go, how will you ever really know?

For me, it was after I attended the WTF Event with Amir Zoghi (my friend and mentor) that I felt I had the wings to fly. It was at this event that I was reminded of the true power of love, intuition and freedom. Although it is available online now, Amir has decided to host a live event in Sydney in August, I highly recommend this event, especially for those of you who are on the path to living a life you love and doing more of what you love in your life. For more details, click here. I’ll be there, so if you come along, come up and say hi, I would love to connect with you. The program is also available for you to download online, so you can watch it anytime in the comfort of your own home.

In the meantime, you can stay connected with me on social media and/or if you would love support to dive deeper and live a life you truly love, email me at ellenaashford@gmail.com to book in for you complimentary 20 minute Mentoring Call.

With love,

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