The power of love can only ever be felt, to attempt to capture it’s greatness and it’s depth in words will only ever be a representation of its truth.

I just sent out my first love note (aka; fancy name for a newsletter delivered straight to your inbox) in months to my tribe sharing with them some insights from my journey over these past 6 months and also a heads up about the Live Your Truth ~ Life Call I am hosting tomorrow night (have you registered yet? sign up here).

I wrote in the love note that the biggest thing that has transformed my life is choosing love over fear in every moment. This has transformed my personal relationships, my relationship with money and my relationship with my body and my ‘work’ (which feels more like play than work).

So many people ask how? How do you choose love over fear and how do you create a life you love?

Well for me, it has all come down to the power of love and infinite possibilities are available to me in the present moment; the here and now. Yes, this may sound ‘spiritual’ or not practical enough, but its the truth – take it or leave it. I had heard of this for years, I bought Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ but it was too ‘heavy’ for me at the time. I also studied Life Coaching which is all about goal setting and ‘making your dreams happen’.

So I was like WTF? I was torn between two worlds; my head and my heart. My heart and soul were calling out for so much more yet my head would always come in and take over control out of fear.

It wasn’t until I had an experience of truly understanding myself at my mentor’s Amir Zoghi’s appropriately named event; The WTF Experience (It actually stands for Wisdom, Truth, Freedom) that things truly shifted for me.

I came to realise how truly free and limitless I already am in the present moment and that I am only limited when I buy into and believe the thoughts/stories in my head.

Hence, ever since last October, more than ever before, I have created space for what I love, followed the calling of my heart and started to use my head and no longer be used by my thoughts.

You see our egos are as clever as our intuitive selves…they build us up by comparing ourselves to others and they tear us down (by yep; comparison and judgement). They keep us playing small and holding back who we truly are and what we are truly capable of in our lives by consuming our space with that little mean voice.

But it’s not about hating on the ego, heck it is still part of us. It is about the power of love.

Love is full acceptance of what it. Judgment free. Limitless. Infinite. One energy.

Fear is judgement of what it is; positive or negative. It is resistance, limited and finite. It is separation.

The power of love is infinite. And if you believe we are love then you too are infinite.

There is the common term often shared in spiritual circles that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”…but I have come to realise and experince that we are “infinite beings having the human experience”. The thing is…the only thing stopping you is you! Your beliefs, your thoughts, your decisions, your choices, your past/future fears projected into this moment now.

Some people in this world live amazing lives and fully live out their fullest potential. Others do not.

Just who will you be? The very fact that you are still reading this, I know you are on the journey to becoming even more of who you already are. To do what you love and to live an authentic, wholehearted and limitless life. People along your path will play all kinds of roles and the most distinctive are those that inspire you (represent what is possible within you – love) and those who don’t make it (Represent the fear of possibly not living out all of your truth – fear).

The journey is just that…to awaken, to be the conscious creator of your life. To realise that you are here to play and be free and to no longer be a slave to that mind of yours – rather, unite in ‘all’ that you are and to create your life as an expression of your love moment by moment.

This may sound far fetched but I hang around people who are living this 24/7.

This is why I am looking forward to connecting with you all tomorrow night on the live call (register here). I love talking and sharing about all things, love, limitless living, truth, freedom, authentic and wholehearted living. I feel most alive when I am connected to what I love. Whether it is writing, yoga, in nature, making love to my boyfriend, cooking, eating delicious food, travelling…ahh my list is long!

If you can’t make the live call tomorrow night, all is well – I am recording the call and will make it available the next day.

If you are ready to go deeper on your journey and truly harness the infinite power of love and to bring that into your everday life (yes it is possible!) I highly recommend this program; the WTF Experience. This program is a fantastic compliment to the work I do when I mentor my clients to connect with their truth and live a life they love!

If you would love to take the next step and connect with me; it is all here for you


Much love,
E x

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