For a long time, I was looking to change my external circumstances (money, home, lifestyle, body, relationship) in order to feel better, safer, more secure, happier and more certain about myself and my life.

Yet I would never arrive, it was always only temporary, I would make a decision to stop following my heart and my truth because I was looking at my bank account or at what other people would think of me – I was looking for certainty about what I felt true in my heart and soul to experience in my story before I would fully say yes and show up for what I loved in my life.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have said ‘I can’t because I don’t have money’…it hurt me every time. It was if I was giving a part of myself away every single time I would say those words. I was so torn…between two worlds…on the one hand I felt so aligned and a huge YES from my soul to experience something, but then I would instantly look to my story line (bank account, next pay day etc) and be instantly deflated because I chose to believe my power in deciding to follow through with what I love was in my bank account and not in the truth of what I felt.

This has definitely been a journey, but I am so glad I started to say YES to what felt true for me and what I felt a LOVE to experience and then allow the story line of the ‘how’ to emerge as it is meant to.

My life started to change when I said YES to what I loved and allowed the HOW to unfold moment by moment. There are several moments that remind me of this…

Last October when I attended the live WTF Event, I knew a month before hand that I was going, but of course ‘I didnt’ have the money for it’…so I stayed connected to the feeling of it, the love to go and I just knew that I would be going, I wasn’t attached to needing to be there or even needing to go to that particular event, I just knew that I would be at some point. I said yes and I stayed connected and continued to live my life moment by moment and allow the story to unfold accordingly. A week later, my mentor gifted me a ticket to go. Just like that! Boom.

During the WTF event, I felt so called to attend the ONE (Infinite Training Retreat) with Amir which was $7000, I picked up the sign up form and literally laughed out loud. yep, I was like ‘ha maybe next year, or the year after that’. I felt such a connection to attend that retreat, again not a need, a pure love to attend, and I let it go. I continued to follow the feeling and shared what I felt with Amir, the next thing I know I said YES and it felt like I lept off a cliff not knowing the ‘how….but a month later, my boyfriend and I were driving up to the Hunter Valley and attended the 5 day retreat. Wow what an experience that was. And the story unfolded for me to be able to pay for the retreat. (A similar situation unfolded with regards to doing the OMG (Oneness mentoring Group) Program which is the best investment I have ever made!)

Not focusing on the how, opens you up to limitless possibilities in the now!

Just this past weekend, I picked up my first ever car. I have never owned a car before. This is a first in my life and it is so much fun. A few months ago, I felt the feeling of hell YES I would love a car! It is time, I said yes with my whole heart…and then I let it go…I didn’t even start saving. I kinda forgot about it actually. I continued to live my life and emerge myself in the experience of life day by day and moment by moment. A month ago, I got a call from a family friend who said she heard I was looking for a car and she is getting a new one so she would love to give this one to me if I would like it! Boom! Just like that! My feeling of love to have a car manifested itself into physical form.

This was a beautiful reminder for me, of how effortless true manifestation and limitless living truly is. I literally did nothing but answer the phone, say yes and go pick up the car.

I have so many other reference points like these and I felt the love to share them with you all today as a reminder that ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT OR BE, YOU ALREADY HAVE AND ARE IN THIS MOMENT NOW! Hence, we continue to limit our future because we bring with us our limitations of our past experiences. But in the NOW, there is nothing, we literally create our experiences in the now. The the now – you are limitless! Only limited by your perception of what is possible, because of your past experiences. A great reference point for this is creativity – the process of creating something NEW – not yet experienced or developed in the past. Creativity is pure infinite energy -unlimited by the past. Why do you think artists, writers, singers etc continue to do there thing – they allow themselves to connect to the moment and allow the feeling to move through the onto the page or canvas or through their vocal cords…they allow the formless energy to manifest into a physical form/experience.

The great news is we are all artists of our lives! Regardless of whether you can write, dance, sing, paint…you are literally creating your life moment by moment.

Yet, because of our tricky ego – our mind hijacks the formless energy that we feel within us and we go on about planning and controlling the moment now and future based on what feels safe and known for us!

Hence if you want to keep allowing the infinite energy of formless energy to move through you and create a physical experience of what you love, try this;

-Connect to the feeling of what you love! Don’t just think about, really feel into it, allow it to take over your body.
-Stay connected to the feeling of love – in all ways…continue to live your life moment by moment (and yes this is totally possible!)
-Let go of the when or the how (all thoughts which by there very nature are limited) or the need to control the ‘how’
-Keep being yourself! When you are yourself you are free, open, vibrating at high levels of frequency and you are continuing to live a life that is true for you!.
-Keep following what inspires you…when you are inspired, you are ‘in spirit’ and hence in alignment with your truth and in alignment with the moment now.
-Bring your attention (your energy) back to the present moment.

You will know when you have gone from your truth to your head by the way you feel;

When you are living in the present moment now, you are connected to who you truly are and everything that exists (yes we are all one energy, even science has proven it). the feeling of love is light, blissful and intoxicating

When you are outside of this moment (in your mind of past or future thought) you are disconnected from who you truly are and therefore disconnected from oneness. You will most likely be feeling heavy or restrictive and/or fearful. From this space, you are concerned and focused about the ‘how’ because you are not trusting letting go and allowing the feeling to guide you. this is the space of need to, wanting something and therefore in the perception and energy of lack. You will not get what is true for you in a space of separation.

Basically, the reason you don’t get what you want is because wanting is a space and energy of not having.

The reason you experience in physical form that which you feel you love is because you energy is aligned with it – it is one with it.

Energy is ‘all of you’ – your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. So when you say a ‘wholehearted’ yes to what you love, you merge all of yourself (your feeling and your thoughts) as one and as a result your internal conviction creates your external experiences.

It is only when you become separate to what you love (your thoughts break away from your internal truth) that your energy is now is a space of separation…that you perceive yourself to be separate from what you love. Hence you go into needing to make it happen or control all the how…instead of simply knowing without needing to know the ‘how’.

So take a look at your life right now…look at how you feel about certain things…then feel into the space behind these things…is there lightness, ease, a trust and ‘knowing’? or is there fear, heaviness, effort, ‘making it happen’?

The energy that flows into what something is the energy that will produce your experience of that thing.

Focus on what you love, immerse yourself in love! Yes, accept your fears (which is really a process of loving them; full acceptance) and limitations but don’t give anymore energy and focus than they deserve. After all, where you energy flows, energy goes!

You don’t need to fix or transform anything in order to live a life you love…it is all available within you right in this moment…it is about following your feeling moment by moment! It is actually simple but our egos love the game of complication – just keep doing what feels good!!!

Much love,

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