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Because when you are simply being, you are free, you are connected to who you truly are and you are led by your intuition to only do what you love, for what is true for you.

It is our minds that hijack our truth and impregnate it with all ‘I should’, ‘but I need to pay this’, ‘its not looking how I wanted it to be’…hence when we are in our minds, we are consumed by our external worlds. Dependent on everything outside of ourselves to show up a certain way in order for us to feel safe, secure, loved, accepted, approved of, recognised, significant and in essence; whole and complete. Yet if we stay trapped in the prison of limitation (fear, ego) we will never be free to experience who we truly are – limitless beings (love, infinite energy).

This is why Eckhart Tolle knows what he is talking about when he wrote THE POWER OF NOW!

Being in the here and now is where you’re truly limitless.

Being outside of the now, in a past thought or future thought projected into this moment, this is where you will experience limitation.

We are infinite beings having a human experience. We are on a journey of awakening to our truth (that we are infinite energy moving through our bodies) and then on the journey of living our truth (being present to the moment now).

Although the truth may be simple, it is not always easy. But nor is giving birth, or running 10km (well depends how fit you are), or being completely open and vulnerable with your loved ones, nor is taking those leaps of faith and following what is true for you over what you ‘should’ be doing in your life – why? BECAUSE THE JOURNEY IS THE FUN PART. We may keep looking ahead for the next big thing…but the big thing is awaiting you in this very moment with your very circumstances exactly as they are = BEING FULLY ALIVE AND LIVING WHAT FEELS TRUE TO YOU IN THIS VERY MOMENT.

The big us (infinite self) designed our experience to also have a small us (limited self), so that the journey to living large and playing a game we truly and only love can be that much sweeter. So that we can appreciate the freedom that much more. We cannot know sweet without also knowing sour. We cannot know healthy without knowing unhealthy, we cannot know ourselves to be infinite and free without knowing finite and limitations.

This past month I have felt so connected with my truth and simply following the feeling moment by moment, it was a truly amazing experience, I felt so light, so free and so me! Ever since I just did it (you can check out my previous video blog on the topic), I just kept following what felt true for me in one moment to the next, I created space to be myself and feel connected to who I truly was – as a result I was living for the moment, I was playing a bigger game and following through with what felt true for me. I got back into the flow of my writing which I love, back into yoga, which I love and I even followed the feeling to connect with you all via a live call (check out the link ‘Live Your Truth~ Live Call’. I also was gifted a car. Yep a free car. This is the first car I have ever owned and I tell you its been so much fun driving manual again after 10 years of driving automatic cars.

However, it was when I stopped ‘being’ and stopped living only for the moment and hence only for what I love, that I lost myself amongst my thinking. Was thinking more than I was being in the moment. I jumped back into my ego – the only place I can play small. I kept being consumed by my fearful and limiting thoughts about the future, how things will work out or will people even listen to the live call. My attention went outside of me – into the ‘how’ and the ‘surface level’ of my life. I lost myself within all my thinking, being consumed by my thoughts and as a result, I lost connection with myself…I had waves of emotions come up for me and I felt ‘so heavy’ in my body. I was thinking and trying to ‘do’ (control) more than I was simply being. I stopped following what felt true for me and I was believing all of my ‘crap’ that my ego was feeding me.

The worst part was I was beating myself up and judging myself for what I was experiencing, even though I had awareness of this, I wouldn’t let myself accept that I was in this space. After experiencing such a magical month of connection and infinite living, I had brought back into my ego and the stories of my limited self – I started to play small again. Playing small is playing the game of limitations – the limitations you perceive in the outside world of what is possible/impossible.

It is only when I place my attention on the past or a future event/though that I loose my true power. But this felt so overwhelming I got caught up in the riptide of my ego.

But that’t ok too – it was the perfect experience for me, to have insight into what I no longer want to experience and return to the truth of who I am and what I love – feeling alive in every single moment, not concerned with how things are showing up in my life, rather, being connected with myself and letting the feeling within me express itself through the things I love…eg; writing, walking, creating, connecting with other people, yoga, reading etc…

You see, the deeper I go on my journey, the more I create experiences to remind me of the truth; we have a choice to play big and live freely and limitlessly or we have a choice to play the game of life small, trapped and limited by our perception of what is outside of us is who we are.

True power is claimed back when you connect and live from the space (feeling) of your truth, when you only do what you love and what is true for you; moment by moment.

After all there is no future! No really, there is no future. We have made that up! It is only a thought or a vision we create in our minds and project into this moment. If you live for or from the future, you are closing off possibilities of being yourself and all of what you love in this moment.

Then the journey becomes about remembering (literally, re-membering) your true self and being who you truly are – love! Expressing itself through you in each moment. Love is already whole, complete and infinite! Anything else, is lacking, needing, finite and limited.

The point is we designed the journey of our experience as human beings to experience ALL of it.

We also created opportunities to return to our truth and LIVE A LIFE WE TRULY AND ONLY LOVE…I am so grateful I have mentors in my life that support me along the way, because when I get lost in my ego’s train wreck, they slap my out of my bull shit and wake me up to the truth…it is freeing to be who we truly are and no longer be consumed by our bull shit thoughts.

Here is to more being and less thinking people!

Follow your feeling no matter what stories are running through you mind. The more you live your truth, the stronger your muscle of love, truth and limitless living becomes and the easier it gets.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy or free…you gotta pay for what you value! If you don’t pay financially for what is true for you, you will pay in the story and boy have I learnt that this past few days.

I wish you all luck with your journey. Remember I am always here to support you if you feel that would be true for you, you can schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call with me by clicking this link here.

Another resource I highly recommend if you are looking for support to live only what you love, is the WTF experience developed from one of my mentors; Amir Zoghi. I have attended this event live twice and have downloaded the online version so I can re-watch it any time I feel to go deeper on my journey.

Remember, we accept the love, life, money, body, lifestyle & relationship, that we believe we deserve! Claim what is true for you and live a life you love TODAY!

Much love,
Ellena x

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