You have most likely heard the phrase ‘do what you love’ many times.

Although there may be numerous stories (reasons we tell ourselves) of why we do what we love…the truth is; we love who we are being while we are doing that which we love.

However, how often have you started to ‘need’ to do what you love in order to feel a certain way?

I know from my own journey (my business, finances, my relationship and my body) the space from which I am living from determines my experience and therefore creates my life. I know I am out of alignment with my truth by the way I feel.

Its actually so simple, but we complicate it. We allow our minds and egos to hijack our truth and run wild with it until we finally return our attention back to this moment and connect to the feeling (our intuition) and follow through with our truth.

This is why awareness is so powerful…it is always the first step and often the only reminder we need.

Doing what you love because you feel you need to;

When you get lost in what you do, you become disconnected from the truth of why you are doing it in the first place. Hence, you can get caught up in needing to do what you love in order to feel a certain why. For example, we need to do what we love to feel safe, loved, accepted, approved of, recognized, significant or to fill up an inner void – the infinite space of nothingness – where our identity disappears and everything becomes one. In this space of need or agenda, you will often notice; you need to motivate yourself to keep going, you do anything to ‘make it happen’ and you are doing everything to control how it takes form. Welcome to the limited world of your ego. The part of ourselves that is attached to the ‘physical form’ of life.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with this, the point is how you feel. We do everything for a feeling, so if you are doing something out of need for a future goal or because it has formed a part of your identity (who you are) rather than being present to exactly what is in front of you and enjoying all of that experience, chances are you aren’t enjoying life too much.

Doing what you love because it is true for you;

When you are doing what it is you love (what feels true for you), you feel ALIVE, light, free and inspired. Inspiration is the natural flow of your truth! It is when the inner feeling moves through you and you allow it too. You are in connection to who you truly are and time seems to disappear. Welcome to the limitless world of oneness and infinite love.

So why is this important? Because the space you live from will create your experience of life. Hence, who you are being determines what you will experience. The space of love (truth) is your natural flow, it is effortless because you are present to the moment – not needing it to be any different, simply in full acceptance of what is.

In contrast, the space of fear is outside of your flow, it can only exist when we enter into our minds which are inherently limited by our past/future focus projected into this moment. This is where all your limited stories reside – including the one that you need to do what you are doing in order to feel whole and complete.

The truth is you are already whole and complete as an infinite being. You are already free and limitless, it is simply about bringing your attention onto what is true for you and following through with that moment by moment. So if you have charted off course from why you are doing what you are doing, reconnect to why you love it, or check in with whether it remains to be true for you now in this moment.

If you find you are doing what you love out of agenda or need, thats ok, no need to jump on the judgment wagon (the ego’s favourite ride), simply accept exactly where you are at and start to bring awareness to why you do what you do.

The truth sets you free and when we are free, we are limitless. Keep doing what you love and staying true to you!

Exciting news:

Speaking of living your truth, I have some exciting news that I will be announcing more details about very soon..I am creating a new mentoring program, specifically focused on supporting people like you to LIVE YOUR TRUTH. To learn to listen, trust and follow your intuition and also to do what you love because you love to. To call your ego out on it’s games that are keeping you small, hidden, limited or in a space of need and to unleash your authentic power so that you can express who you truly are into your world.

+ I’ll also be hosting a live call to share insights and examples of how I live my truth and details of the new program. Make sure you are signed up to follow the blog and/or my newsletter list (homepage) to find out details of the live call and the program launch as they are announced.

Much love,

ps. If you would love to start living your truth today, jump on over to the ‘work with ellena’ page and schedule a free discovery chat with me to explore how we can work together moving forward. I absolutely LOVE mentoring and supporting others along their journey, I look forward to connecting with you!

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