A few days ago, I was pondering on the choices we make in each moment to live consciously (in the here and now) and what supports us to choose to live from a space of LOVE (full acceptance of what is) or from a space of FEAR (resistance and judgement of what is).

    After all, our external world is simply a reflection of our internal world.


Freedom only ever exists in the present moment and suffering only ever exists in reference to a past or future thought.

Hence, when you become the observer of your thoughts, you take your focus away from the past/future and return to the present moment -where your true power is. The power of observation is really about bringing presence to your thoughts, emotions and/or behaviours.

As our ego is designed to build us up or rip us apart, the power we put into our thoughts largely determines our experience of life. You see, our thoughts will do crazy things such as judge, label, and make something mean a certain thing to be; ‘good’ or ‘bad’, what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, what I am compared to others, what others are compared to me.

We often experience suffering when we identify with our ego…believing we have something to loose or gain from our stories (relationships, money, homes, work etc). We also suffer when we judge/label something as good or bad, because we then feel the need to fix, improve or transform something in our lives in order to feel peaceful once again.

Maya Angelou famously said “when we know better, we can do better”. Hence, when you become the observer of your mind, you no longer identify yourself to be your mind. As a result, you can start to use your mind and not be used by it!

Observing is all about creating distance and space. Aka – being conscious and aware of the thoughts (and emotions), allowing them to move through your mind and body without needing to hold onto them, understand them or change them.

For example, if you are tearing yourself down, or judging yourself for what you said/didn’t say, what you ate/didn’t eat, or if you are judging someone else or something in your circumstances (body, money, job) etc…the simple power of noticing your thoughts gives you breathing space to return to your truth and feel free.

When you have awareness, you have power in choice. You can choose to return to the moment and continue on with what you feel to do and experience freedom or you can continue to be consumed by your thoughts.

We did not come here to be a slave to our identity, we came here to play and be free. However, for as long as we resist, hold on, attempt to control and remain consumed by our thoughts and emotions we will suffer.

On the flip side, for as long as we accept, surrender, let go, allow and befriend the unknown, we will be free.

While judgment of what is, weighs us down, acceptance and observation of what is sets us free. Hence, You can either be played by your mind or you can use your mind to play.

Which are you committed to choosing in each moment?

I definitely did not get to this space alone, I highly recommend this program from one of my mentors; Amir Zoghi The WTF Experience . I have done many personal development and spiritual courses over the years, especially when I was training as a Life Coach, however it wasn’t until I came across Amir’s work that I truly felt home in myself and found true freedom for the first time.

If you are interested in strengthening your muscle of observation and diving deeper into your journey so that you can play a game of life you love, check out the ‘Work with Ellena’ page or email me directly at ellenaashford@gmail.com . I am happy to schedule a time to chat and connect -its one thing that my soul deeply loves, connecting with other people, that is why I am so in love with Mentoring! Until then, have fun on the journey of observation.

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