The other day I shared this pic on my facebook and instagram page and it had a big response.



Because we all yearn to feel more love in our lives, more of who we truly are. We all desire to leave the cage of limitation and fly free doing only what we love. I know I have certainly have.

The only thing in our way is ourselves.

Our mind is the cage that captures our dreams. When we live only from our minds, we are limited, when we live from our free hearts we are limitless.

Have you ever felt a feeling to do something, and then it is as if your head hijacked it and went into ‘how is that even possible?’, ‘I don’t have the time for that’, ‘how can I afford to do that’, ‘where will the money come from’ etc…

The thing is our hearts are already free, we are already home, yet the journey is in escaping the prison of the ego and flying free with love. The fastest way is to just start doing what is true for you.

It’s totally cool if you don’t feel to take that giant leap just yet, eventually the pain of not doing what is true for your soul will outweigh the fear of the future and you will feel as if you have no choice (I know this happened to me).

The thing is, nothing is stopping you from simply starting to do more of what you love.

Unless you choose to believe your mind, then you may not even start.

The trick is to continually bring your attention, focus and energy back to the present moment (where you heart and mind are one) and connect with the feeling of those things you love. Even if things come through your mind, allow them to, observe them and let them go, it is when we believe that we are our thoughts that we get caught up in needing to ‘work out all the hows before we begin’.

The first step will always show itself, and that’s all that is required (perhaps its reading this post, then answering the questions below…).

It also helps if you start to immerse yourself in what you love. I felt inspired to share these with you because they made a massive difference for me.

The following questions definitely ignited my soul a few years ago, while I was studying Law and Psychology at uni, my soul was so starved of expressing its true nature, I was staring down a long career path of ‘I should become this…it makes sense that I do this etc’. Yet, every chance I had I was reading or watching youtube clips about anything that made me feel ALIVE!!! It happened to be spiritual books and life coaching books, anything to do with creating a life you love from the inside-out I was into it, oh and of course Oprah, I couldn’t get enough Oprah. I didn’t believe at the time that I could make a living from what I love to do, yet I kept following the feeling of my heart and eventually that’s where I landed. Yet the journey remains the same for me today, I continue to ask myself these questions; to say true to my soul and not get caught up in the agendas of my ego.

So remember, you are having the perfect experience right now to guide you home to who you truly are.

Honour your love of being alive and enjoy your answers as they come to you;

What are you doing when time disappears?
What are you doing when you feel most alive?
What are you interested in?
What would you love to learn more about?
How would you spend your ideal day?

When you answer these, notice how you body is feeling: Whatever makes you feel light – keep doing that. Notice how your heart feels free answering them and perhaps your mind will drop in and say all kinds of crazy things of how this is not possible for you (thats when the heaviness drops in and takes over what is true for us). That’s ok and normal of our egos to keep us in what we already know, to keep us playing small and not take any risks.

The point is, just do it! Do what you love, now, today, everyday. You are here to play, why wait to honour your calling of LOVE!

I would love to support you on your journey and mentor you along your path, so if you are interested in taking the next step, check out the ‘work with ellena’ page and sign up for your free chat to connect with me or you can simply email me directly at

Lots of love,

(ps just do it)

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